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LATAM Transfer Updates - Season 9 Mid-Season

LATEST - Norden joins paiN Gaming as the coach

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the mid-season for Season 9 of the Latin American Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes and you can check the NA, EU and APAC for all other changes since the end of the first half of Season 9.

Summary of Changes So Far

FaZe Clan - Twister joins as coach, muringa leaves, ion joins

Black Dragons - iblackz, ion and Live leave, pzd and muringa joins, sSeiiya joins as coach

ReD DevilS - Vittz leaves

Team Liquid - psk1 replaces gohaN

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Ar7hurJogando joins as coach

PaiN Gaming - Norden joins as coach

Roster Changes

March 11th: Norden Joins PaiN Gaming as the Coach

The Challenger League player of Norden has joined paiN Gaming as their coach for the rest of the season.

Norden played on Team Treta during Season 6 of the Challenger League finishing in joint fifth position as well as on Dexterity Team, of Santos Dexterity fame, during Season 7 in which he finished in the fourth position. Most recently he played on No Pelo e-Sports, previously known as Black Dragons, during the current season of the BR6 B league and was scheduled to play on this roster during Season 9 of the Challenger League but instead will join the Pro League roster of paiN Gaming as their coach.

PaiN Gaming currently sits in seventh place in the Pro League and will be hoping the addition of a coach to the roster will aid them to break out of the relegation zone after three straight seventh-place finishes in the Pro League. PaiN Gaming's next game is against INTZ eSports Clubw hen the Pro League resumes.

"The Rainbow 6 season is back and we are ready to face the next challenges. Our lineup returns to the competition under the command of , which brings all his knowledge to evolve in the best possible way this season. Let's go!"

March 10th: Ion Joins FaZe Clan

Ronaldo "ion" Osawa has joined FaZe Clan from Black Dragons to replace the outgoing player of João "muringa" Deam.

Ion has played in the Black Dragons roster (previously known as Team oNe eSports) since he began his high-level competitive career at the beginning of 2018 and has kept within the top four teams in the region since. Team oNe finished third in Latin America during Seasons 7 and 8 as well as both seasons of the OGA Pit with their lone fourth-place finish being in the 2018 league of the Brasileirão regional tournament.

He now leaves this roster as they sit down in sixth place to join the fifth-placed roster of FaZe Clan after a very disappointing Six Invitational run which saw them fail to make it out of the group stage. His first few matches will be some of the hardest of the season with a matchup today against Team Liquid in the Brasileirão league followed by the first match of the second part of Season 9 of the Pro League against Ninjas in Pyjamas, a rematch of the opening game of the Six Invitational.

March 6th: Ar7hurJogando joins as head coach of Ninjas in Pyjamas

Arthur “Ar7hurJogando” Schubert has joined Ninjas in Pyjamas as their head coach replacing Marlon "Twister" Mello who left shortly after the Paris Major. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas currently sits in third place in the Pro League, just one place off of the top team teams and will be hoping that this addition will allow the roster to make the Pro League Finals this season, the first time for this roster this would happen since the Season 6 Finals in Sao Paulo. While they're having a strong showing in the Pro League the roster was the very first team knocked out of the 2019 Six Invitational showing that improvements are definitely needed if they want to relive the past heights of the roster from back in Year 2.

NiP's next game will be against Immortals in the BR6 on Sunday followed by FaZe Clan in the Pro League the following Wednesday when the Pro League resumes.

March 5th: sSeiiya Joins Black Dragons as Coach

Henrique "sSeiiya" Sanchez has joined Black Dragons as their coach after a brief stint on the Challenger League team, Guidance Gaming.

sSeiiya is best known for his time on NoX Gaming, later known as Bootkamp Gaming, in which he finished Seasons 4-7 of the Pro League in joint fifth place before being replaced on the roster by the rising star of Luccas "Paluh" Molina. Since then he joined the Challenger League roster of Guidance Gaming however left between seasons and has been a free agent since early January. 

He now joins Black Dragons in a coaching role to aid the recently reformed roster in the remainder of Season 9 of the Pro League.

"Some say that you are one of the most educated and cute players of the scene, now becoming also the father of the players with their tactics. We are proud to announce our new Coach! Welcome @sseiiya"

March 5th: muringa Joins Black Dragons

Shortly after it was announced that he has left FaZe Clan, Black Dragons has revealed that João "muringa" Deam will be joining their roster, completing their core lineup.

Muringa had been in FaZe Clan for over four seasons, however, following a weak Six Invitational which saw them fail to get out of the group stage for the second major in a row, he has left the lineup. Following this, he now joins pzd in Black Dragons to replace to two departing core members of iblackZ and ion for the foreseeable future. 

Black Dragons currently sit just outside of the relegation zone in sixth place and will be hoping these roster changes will lead to a much more successful second half to the season. muringa's debut game on this roster will be on March 13th against ReD DevilS e-Sports when the Pro League restarts.

"The famous Clutch king, who even has done some damage to our previous lineups, today represents the greatest Gamer family! Welcome to the Family @HSnamuringa!"

March 5th: pzd Joins Black Dragons

Pedro "pzd" Dutra has joined the Black Dragons roster after three months inactive in Ninjas in Pyjamas following the departures of iblackz, ion and Live

Pzd previously played for the Ninjas in Pyjamas lineup (previously knows as Black Dragons and V3 Masters) since the region gained the Pro League back in Season 4. In this time his career highlights include a joint third-place finish during Season 4 and the 2018 Six Invitational, a second-place finish during Season 6 and a victory during Season 1 of the Brasileirão 2017 national league. However, following a disappointing Season 8 which saw them in the relegation zone for much of the season, he was benched and will now rejoin his old organisation of Black Dragons on their new lineup for the forseeable future.

Black Dragons’ currently sit in sixth place in the Pro League with their next two matches both being against ReD DevilS e-Sports, first on Sunday in the Brasileirão 2019 league and then again in the first playday back of Pro League Season 9 when the Pro League resumes.

"For a long time represented our mantle with great dedication, so we are proud to announce that the good son the house makes!"

"Welcome back to the Black Dragon family, Pzdeus!"

March 5th: Muringa Leaves FaZe Clan

18 months after joining the roster, João "muringa" Deam has left FaZe Clan after achieving the lowest rating in the team during Season 7, the Paris Major, Season 8, the Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro and Season 9 so far.

Muringa first joined FaZe Clan (then known as Team Fontt) for Season 5 of the Pro League and achieved a joint third-place finish during Seasons 5 and 6, a second place finish during Season 8 and the Brasileirão 2017 and 2018 titles making this roster the second most successful in the region’s history. Most recently, FaZe finished the 2019 Six Invitational in joint ninth place making this the second Major in a row the team failed to make it out of the group stage while the lineup currently sits in fifth place in the Pro League, six points off of a LAN qualification spot.

Muringa now leaves FaZe with both his destination and his replacement in the lineup currently unknown. FaZe will, therefore, need to choose and reveal their new fifth before their crucial matchup against Team Liquid in the Brasileirão national league or against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Pro League this following week.

"Firstly I'd like to thank the two years that I had spent with @mavfps, I've already said everything that I had to say to you and now I wish good luck and that everything will turn out well for you and I know that it will, you can pick a team and make unbelievable things, thanks for everything in those two years."

March 5th: ion and Live Leave Black Dragons

Ronaldo "ion" Osawa and Vinicius "Live" dos Santos (their substitute) have left Black Dragons.

Ion has played in the Black Dragons roster (previously known as Team oNe eSports) since he began his high-level competitive career at the beginning of 2018 and has kept within the top four teams in the region since. Team oNe finished third in Latin America during Seasons 7 and 8 as well as both seasons of the OGA Pit with their lone fourth-place finish being in the 2018 league of the Brasileirão regional tournament. Live meanwhile only joined this lineup after their pickup by Black Dragons last December with his previous experience being on YeaH Gaming during Season 8 of the Challenger League in which he finished third.

These two changes now means that three players have left the BD roster recently, as iblackZ left last week, with no replacements of yet. The roster will need to announce at least two replacements to complete their roster before their next games in the Brasileirão 2019 league on Sunday and the Pro League the following Wednesday, both of which are against ReD DevilS e-Sports.

"It is with great pride and affection that we thank you for the time and dedication you have had with our family. Today we say goodbye to three warriors who were part of a long journey of incredible stories in our team. Good luck with this new walk! Thank you, boys!"

March 2nd: psk1 Replaces gohaN on Team Liquid

Paulo "psk1" Augusto has joined the Brazilian powerhouse of Team Liquid to replace Guilherme "gohaN" Alf on the lineup.

psk1 was on the Team Liquid lineup back during Season 7 of the Pro League when they became the first team in the region's history to lift the prestigious title. Following this, a disappointing Six Major and Season 8 campaign led to him being replaced in the roster by the ex-team captain of FaZe Clan, gohaN, who has been acting as the in-game-leader for the last three months.

Now, following a quarter-final exit from the 2019 Six Invitational in which they finished as the top LATAM team, gohaN has exited the lineup with psk1 returning to the active roster, a big move considering gohaN's stature and role in the team. Team Liquid's new lineup will play their first match in the Brasileirão 2019 league against FaZe Clan in a weeks time with their next Pro League game against Immortals being played the following Wednesday.

"Exactly 1 year ago, our beloved and talented Psk1 joined the team and we conquered the world! And today, I report that our world champion is back on the team to bring pride to the cavalry! Welcome back to your home, PSK!"

"He will take the place of @guilherme_gohaN, whom we thank for the time he has accompanied us in this excellent campaign, and we wish great success! Tomorrow I will make an AMA (ask Me Anything), in the discord of Liquid, at 19h to talk to you!"

March 1st: Vittz Leaves ReD DevilS for Mandatory Military Service

Vitor "Vittz" Ñao has left the squad of ReD DevilS after being selected for mandatory military service in Brazil.

Vittz entered the Pro League at the start of Season 9 and helped the team have an amazing first half of the season, positioning them in fourth place, over teams like FaZe Clan and Black Dragons.

Now, with three wins in seven games, he has left the team with his replacement still unknown. 

"We sadly inform the exit of our player Vitzz from ReD team, as he was summoned by the Brazilian Military Service..." 

Feb 27th: iblackZ Leaves Black Dragons

João Pedro "iblackZ" Chiarelli has left the Black Dragons roster after a disappointing half-season for the roster.

iblackZ entered the Pro League in Season 6 after winning Season 5 of the Challenger League and has since sat fairly consistently in around the fourth-placed team in the region. He finished both LATAM Season 6 and Season 2 of the Brasileirão 2017 league in fourth place while on Encore e-Sports and since joining Team oNe (now known as Black Dragons) finished either third or fourth in the Latin American regions of Seasons 7 and 8 of the Pro League and the OGA Pit Seasons 1 and 2.

Now as Black Dragons sit down in sixth place in the Pro League with just two wins in seven games, he has left the roster with both his destination and replacement yet unknown.

"Going home now, spending time with family and putting some things in place, think a little about things 😊. As soon as I do this I will try to explain to those who are asking why I left the Black Dragons but I'm already wishing good luck to pros. cya, boys."

Feb 5th: Twister Joins FaZe Clan as Analyst 

The ex-coach of Ninjas in Pyjamas, Marlon "Twister" Mello, has joined FaZe Clan as their analyst for the Six Invitational and, presumably, the remainder of Season 9 of the Pro League. 

Twister is best known as the coach of the Black Dragons roster now known as Ninjas in Pyjamas back during Season 6 where he helped the side defeat PENTA Sports (now known as G2 Esports) to make the Pro League grand-final in São Paulo. He remained on the roster up until just after the Paris Major when a disappointing performance in the Pro League led to him being dropped from the lineup.

He now joins a FaZe Clan lineup also somewhat struggling in the Pro League six points off the top two teams. His coaching debut with FaZe Clan will be against his previous team of Ninjas in Pyjamas next Monday when the Six Invitational kicks off.

"As some people were already speculating, today I'm going to a boot camp in Canada with the guys from Faze Clan, I'm expecting very high for this championship being my first 6invi and I intend to do my utmost to help these players reach the top of the game!"


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.