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NA Transfer Updates - Season 9 Mid-Season

LATEST - Pojoman joins Excelerate Gaming as coach

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the mid-season for Season 9 of the European Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes and you can check the EULATAM and APAC for all other changes since the end of the first half of Season 9.

Summary of Changes So Far

OrgLess - MahMan Dropped from Roster, Modigga Joins as Replacement, Krazy and Acid Leave, OrgLess Disbands

DarkZero Esports - Pojoman Dropped, BC Moves to Player Role

Rise Nation - GhxsT and Beastly Leave, Krazy and Acid Join

Spacestation Gaming - sovsov3 Joins as an Assistant Coach, DaedaR6 Joins as an Analyst, Redeemer moved to Sub, Bryan Joins

Excelerate Gaming - Pojoman joins as coach

Roster Changes

March 11th: Pojoman Joins Excelerate Gaming as Coach

Owen "Pojoman" Mitura has joined the sixth-placed Pro League team of Excellerate Gaming after being dropped by DarkZero Esports.

Pojoman had played on the DarkZero roster (previously known as SK Gaming and Flipsid3 Tactics) for the entirety of his competitive R6 career with very limited success and was therefore replaced on the roster by the team’s coach Brandon "BC" Carr earlier this week. He now joins the recently promoted lineup of ExG as they sit narrowly outside of the relegation zone within the Season 9 standings

Excelerate previous coach, Tomas "Tomas" Kaka left the role as he moved to a player position in the lineup to replace Nicholas “Nicks” Olson - a similar situation to that in DarkZero Esports - leaving the roster without a coach for the majority of the first half of Season 9. Pojo will now fill this role for the remainder of the season beginning with a matchup against Rogue when the Pro League resumes for North America.

Mar 3rd: Bryan Replaces Redeemer on Spacestation Gaming

Bryan "Bryan" Agema has rejoined his ex-roser of Spacestation Gaming replacing the well-known name of Taylor "Redeemer" Mayeur.

This would now be Bryan’s fourth roster move since the Paris Major with him going from Rogue to SSG to OrgLess and now back to SSG. Across these rosters his career highlights came back during his year long stint on Rogue where he achieved third place finishes at the 2018 Six Invitational, the Season 7 Finals, DreamHack Austin and the Paris Major before being replaced on the lineup by Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger. Following this he spent three months on Spacestation Gaming before being replaced on that roster by Dylan "Bosco" Bosco before now rejoining the Spacestation lineup after his most recent team of OrgLess disbanded two weeks ago.

In joining SSG he will be replacing Redeemer who has been benched after 17 months on the roster after joining back when it was known as Most Wanted. In this time Redeemer, the best known Echo/Maestro player in the world, finished DreamHack Winter in fourth place, the US Nationals in joint third place and, most recently, the 2019 Six invitational in joint fifth place where they were the only team at the event to take a map off of the eventual champions, G2 Esports.

Spacestation’s next game will be against Rise Nation in which Bryan will be playing his returning match on the roster against two of his ex-teammates from OrgLess, Acid and Krazy, on March 15th.


Mar 2nd: BC Moves to Player Role on DarkZero Esports

DarkZero has announced that coach Brandon “BC” Carr will be joining the player lineup of DarkZero Esports and filling in the hole after Owen “Pojoman” Mitura was dropped a few days ago. This, then, will leave DarkZero with just Jordan “BKN” Soojian as the sole coach after the team had been running a two-coach setup in their team house so far.

BC will turn back the clock to the end of September 2018, when he had announced his departure from Evil Geniuses. He had been on the team since Season 5 of the Pro League, and had been to the Season 6 and 7 Pro League Finals, as well as the Six Invitational 2018 and Six Major Paris -- with Evil Geniuses finishing second to the G2 Esports roster both times.

BC at the Six Invitational 2018 as a player for Evil Geniuses

BC had then abruptly left the team for a coaching role with DarkZero Esports, announced two months later after the conclusion of Season 8 of the Pro League. He was widely regarded as one of the best Buck players in North America, if not every region, and one of the best frag-grenade specialists when he had been a player.

DarkZero will be happy that BC has not spent too much time away from a playing role, and thus should fit in easily into the playing roster as the team pushes for a first Pro League Finals appearance since Season 4. DarkZero is currently in second place in the NA Pro League, a trifle behind leaders Evil Geniuses and on level points with Team Reciprocity (but ahead on head-to-head), with five wins, a draw, and a loss.

Feb 20th: OrgLess Disbands, Leaves Vacant Spot in NA Pro League

With Krazy and Acid leaving OrgLess to join Rise Nation, OrgLess has been left with just two players, Yeti and Bryan. As they do not retain the majority of the roster which began the season, they are forced to disband and leave a vacant spot in the league.

This is the first instance of a Pro League team disbanding during an ongoing season since Fabian, Tankninjaz and KS' team of Fenix back in Season 2. While not yet confirmed, it is likely that all teams will recieve a forfeit victory in lieu of a match against OrgLess as this was the case previously with Fenix. This also means that there will likely not be an autorelegated team this season in North America with OrgLess, which currently sits at 7th place, filling that spot.

Feb 20th: Acid and Krazy Join Rise Nation

The last-placed team in North American Pro League has acquired two players from the OrgLess roster of Tomasz "Acid" Adamczyk and Giuliano "Krazy" Solon to replace the departing players of GhxsT and Beastly.

While Acid has been with the OrgLess roster since their Season 7 Challenger League victory with little competitive past prior to that, Krazy has played in a number of teams including Obey Alliance, eRa Eternity, and Onslaught Esports with little success being found across any of the rosters.

Rise Nation currently sits in the last position in the league with just three points just behind OrgLess with four; however, with the departure of MahMan from OrgLess also, OrgLess has just two of their starting roster remaining. This means that unless MahMan rejoins the team, OrgLess will be forced to disband, leaving NA Pro League with just seven teams. Rise Nation's next game is against the fifth-placed Spacestation Gaming when the Pro League restarts on March 15th.

Feb 12th: GhxsT Beastly Leaves Rise Nation

The last-placed team in North American Pro League has made drastic changes with Jared "Beastly" Medeiros and Jason "GhxsT" Luu both leaving following a disappointing half-season.

After seven play days of the Pro League, the Rise Nation roster previously known as mousesports had won just a single game leading to them sitting in the last position and as favourites to be demoted to the Challenger League at the end of the Season; this has now led to two of their worst rated players at 0.8 and 0.75 of Beastly and GhxsT leaving the roster. Beastly has been on this roster since it was first formed at the beginning of Year 2 alongside Vandal while GhxsT is the newest member of the roster who joined just prior to Season 9; they both will now exit the Pro League for the foreseeable future.

While their replacements are unknown as of now, they will have to be announced before their matchup against Polar Ace on February 20th in the CCS League with their next Pro League game being against Spacestation on March 15th

Feb 11th: SSG adds sovsov3 as assistant coach, DaedaR6 as analyst

Following an open application process, sovsov3 and DaedaR6 has joined Spacestation Gaming as staff to aid Lycan and the rest of the roster at the Six Invitational and future events.

Feb 6th: DarkZero Esports Drops Pojoman

After over two years on the roster, Owen "Pojoman" Mitura has been dropped by DarkZero Esports. Mint, Hotancold and Pojoman have been on the same roster since Season 3 of the Pro League, together making it to the Season 4 Finals in Katowice, finishing DreamHack Montreal in the fourth position and winning CCS Season 2 while playing across the organisations of Flipsid3 Tactics, SK Gaming and, most recently, DarkZero Esports.

Pojoman has consistently been the lowest fragger on the roster for much of the last year with him achieving a 0.89 rating during the first half of Season 9 (the lowest of any player within the top four teams) and so, with DarkZero sitting precariously within the top two positions in NA Pro League and the roster failing to qualify for the Six Invitational 2019, a change had been rumoured for some time. DarkZero's next game is against Team Reciprocity when the Pro League resumes for the remainder of Season 9. 

Feb 2nd: Modigga Joins OrgLess

Five days after MahMan left the squad OrgLess has announced their replacement for the foreseeable future in Modigga, an ex-player for Disrupt Gaming now known as LFO. As well as his runners-up finish during the regular season of Challenger League Season 8, Modigga is probably best known for his US Nationals appearance where he impressed on this OrgLess roster despite the team falling in the quarter-finals 6-3, 5-7, 2-6 against Evil Geniuses, the eventual runners-up.

Modigga now leaves one of the favourites for Season 9 of the Challenger League for an OrgLess side currently struggling in the Pro League with just four points in seven games. Modigga's debut on this roster will be in three weeks time against another team named "Orgless" when CCS Season 4 restarts after a two month long break.

Jan 28th: MahMan Dropped From OrgLess (Ex-Noble)

Sam “MahMan” Park has been dropped from the OrgLess squad after the team's loss yesterday to DarkZero. Despite there yet to be a game to play tomorrow, and that too against the second-placed Evil Geniuses, the team has parted ways with MahMan. Playing in his stead will be the team’s coach, “UnrealGS”. UnrealGS joined the roster as the head coach three months ago and helped the team narrowly avoid relegation to the Challenger League however has no high-level competitive experience making their chances tonight fairly low.

While MahMan had tweeted out that he was “taking his leave” from OrgLess, UnrealGS shared that “the decision for MahMan to depart the team was team based”.

He then went on to say that although “MahMan is a great player, but we as a team felt like he did not fit well. I never thought I would be playing in PL but here I am ready to rock and roll. Lets just say, I am not losing my first PL game.”

MahMan had officially joined the team prior to the start of Season 9 after he had replaced Matthew “zz” Legg, but had been playing with the rest of the squad for over a month prior in the North American CCS division. His departure now once again brings an end to his time playing alongside former eXcellence Gaming teammate Bryan, at least for now.

The NA standings after Play Day 6 (which was not streamed)

The team’s results this season have been far from stellar, only securing four points from the six games so far in a win against Rise Nation and a draw against Spacestation Gaming (SSG). So far, the team finds itself in the same place as Season 8, where they had narrowly avoided relegation after finishing in 7th place and then beating Elephant Gang in the relegations.

They had flashes of brilliance, however, with the team coming one map away from securing an Invitational appearance in the NA qualifiers. However, SSG had held strong to deny them that opportunity as the night had worn on.

OrgLess will now be looking for a fifth player, and will be waiting for the transfer window to open in order to secure a permanent player. If they wish to avoid the relegation zone by the end of the season, they will need to take advantage of the month-long mid-season break to find and integrate the new member. However, for now, their main priority will be to take points off of a second-placed Evil Geniuses side in UnrealGS' Pro League debut - a daunting task.


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.