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Season 9 Week 4 Preview: Finishing Out the First Half of the Season

Let's take a look at next week’s must-watch games as the Pro League super-month ends.

Season 9 Week 4 Preview: Finishing Out the First Half of the Season

The super-month is coming to a close. As Invitational qualifiers have ended and the double playdays are almost over, the end of the first half of the season leaves some staggering stats and unexpected standings. Check out what games are coming up and be ready for even more exciting gameplay from all our regions.

Team Reciprocity

VS Evil Geniuses

VS DarkZero Esports

Reciprocity stunned many with their surprise pickup of Skys, reuniting his complicated duo with Laxing. Despite failure in the past, the addition has launched Reciprocity into the 2nd place spot with a 3 point lead over DarkZero. Their first match is against the undefeated Evil Geniuses, who seem unstoppable going into the mid-season break. Reciprocity has maintained a tactical and aggressive playstyle amidst role swaps that many feared would be uncomfortable. With Mark on a more rigid support role, the team has been able to swap roles and play strats fluidly. Coming into their match against EG, they have a chance to swing hard and jump in the standings.

Team Reciprocity stats against Orgless
Team Reciprocity's stats against Orgless

After EG, Reciprocity faces DarkZero in a battle for second place. Dark Zero has been unable to secure the points needed to jump ahead of Reciprocity. With a loss and a draw holding them down, they’ll have to win to take the second place spot going into the mid-season break. Of course, Reciprocity will focus more on their Invitational group stage and could miss out on crucial analysis needed to beat Dark Zero. Dark Zero will be out for blood after a disappointing Invitational qualifier contrasting their powerful start to the season.

Chaos and Empire

Coming off a hot streak to the top, Team Empire has proved an impressive force in Pro League. Currently holding the number 1 spot in EU, the former challenger league team have become a mainstay with their consistent aggression and phenomenal teamplay. They’ve gone from giant slayers to one of the giants, and their match against Chaos will be another chance to solidify their spot on top. Empire is the only EU team to remain undefeated and their performance against some of the powerhouses of EU has shown they’re able to consistently play their own game and make it work against a variety of playstyles.

The team has anchored itself around strong firepower and have been unphased by target bans and a variety of maps. Top fragger Joystick is matched by an equally talented fragger in Scyther, and the two seem to trade off entry and secondary roles effortlessly. Empire seems set to continue their run at the top going into the mid-season break, but not until proving themselves against third-place Chaos. Chaos struggled last season, just narrowly avoiding relegation matches and only winning against the two teams that would soon leave Pro league. Since last season, a roster change has breathed new life into the team, transforming them into a dominant force. With all eyes on Empire following Chaos' to G2, this match will set the tone for the mid-season break.

The EU standings after 6 playdays of Season 9

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid

Despite some challenges last season, Liquid has maintained a top half slot in NA, beating out FaZe to tie for the 3rd place spot with IMT. Liquid, with a one win advantage, could take the number 2 spot with a victory over 1st place NiP, or a poor showing from IMTs in their match against FaZe. After a successful Invitational qualifier, Liquid looks to be back in form, but eyes will be on them to seal the deal and finish the first half of the season in a top spot. NiP meanwhile, leads the region as undefeated alongside IMT. Despite some struggle to stay there, NiP seems on pace to stay at the top and have a successful Invitational qualifier to show for it.

The LATAM standings after 6 play days of Season 9

Dark Sided vs Mindfreak

With Fnatic preparing for their upcoming Six Invitational appearance in the UK this week they will play no games in the Pro League meaning eyes will instead be on two challengers of Dark Sided and Mindfreak as they play off on Thursday. Despite sitting at the bottom of the table with just two points so far they have shown a fair level of promise so far; a draw against the ex-Athletico roster of 0RGL3SS and two close maps against Fnatic shows they have the ability to compete with the best of ANZ but if they wish to stay anywhere near in contention for a good end of Season finish they will need to start earning points quickly in games such as this.

Dark Sided will see this an opportunity to jump ahead of their competitors as both Oddity and 0RGL3SS, the two teams ahead of them, are playing against each other on Wednesday and with Fnatic not playing at all this week it's possible this roster could take the #1 spot in the sub-region even if temporarily. This is a real opportunity considering just a few weeks ago had their Pro League spot in doubt after a number of roster changes made them briefly illegible for an automatic spot in Season 9.

The ANZ standings after 2 Weeks of Season 9


The first three set of games can be found on the rainbow6 Twitch account with the ANZ game being played on the rainbow6anz account. For results and statistics for these games as well as news about upcoming Pro League and Six Invitational games keep an eye out right here at SiegeGG!