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Dev Blog: November Update

New on SiegeGG: Article commenting system and pinned articles

Hey, I’m Kev, the head developer of SiegeGG. Today I’m announcing small but useful features.

First up: Article Commenting

We love hearing your thoughts and opinions in the SiegeGG Discord, and are now expanding that discussion into the news section of the website. We have added a new comment system that allows users to connect with each other in a new way, and discuss information regarding news articles. Users can comment, reply to and report comments, which are sorted in a thread system; General replies are left-justified and replies are indented to differentiate between the two. The comment system also features new notifications to allow you to stay on top of your discussions. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always, feedback is always appreciated.

You are free to test the commenting system below this article.

Second: Pinned Articles

We have noticed that articles which were are consistently updating like the regional transfer ones receive less attention over time whereas the article‘s reader value increases over time. To improve the reader experience, we decided to introduce a pinning function that keeps pinned articles at the top of the front page.


These features are a collaboration between our dev team plus other key staff members. Thanks @dohnutt, @Goobicus and @InfianEwok for your help. We always welcome feedback in our discord server, so stop in!