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Road to Rio: cameram4n

Ahead of their Pro League Finals appearance this weekend, we spoke with Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol about how the team has been adapting to their recent changes and expectations from their home crowd

Road to Rio: cameram4n

Cameram4n joined FaZe Clan, then known as Team Fontt, at the beginning of Season 4 and has since helped his team earn top-4 finishes at the Season 5 and 6 Finals as well as win the titles of two Brasileirão Championships and Season 2 of the Latin America OGA PIT.

Now, with the teammates of Yoona, HSnamuringa, Astro, and mav, cameram4n will compete at the Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro as the first-seeded Latin American team. They will face the second-seeded EU team of Mock-It initially before a possible semi-final match against either Rogue or Nora-Rengo. Here's what cameram4n had to say about his team and the event:

Hello guys, my name is cameram4n, I'am from FaZe Clan. I'am going to answer some questions, I hope you guys like it, so let's get it.

Who is FaZe Clan?

Astro plays as a fragger, he is insane, he clicks like really fast and is good at what he does. I (cameram4n) play mostly, entry fragger and sometimes intermediate so kind of flex. Yoona plays support, and sometimes he picks operators that can help us with the executions and plant the bomb. Mav is our IGL, he tells us what to do and how. Muringa is full support, he plays Thermite and Smoke mostly. So yeah that's our team!

Since the departure of gohaN, how have the roles changed?

Gohan used to IGL us, so now Mav is doing this. He is kind of calmer, and tells us what to do, he gives us the option to feel free to trust in our own plays. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.Mav really understand a lot of our decisions, sometimes he rages when it doesn't work but that's fine. He's doing a great job as an IGL. Me and Yoona have been helping him with tactics and stuff like that. gohaN is an insane player but mav is a good IGL as well and we are helping him and thats working.

How has FaZe improved since the Paris Major?

I don't know if it's an improvement, I hope so, but we've changed the rosters. This will be the first LAN playing with a different roster and I hope it goes well. We had a really great split in Pro League in the online phase. Im really excited to see what Yoona and mav as IGL can do.

How has Yoona been fitting in?

As I said he's really good. I wasn't expecting that, I didn't know he knew a lot about the game or that he'd help us with tactics and that. So yeah, he's really good and i'm glad to have him on the team.

Expectations for LATAM fans at the Season 8 finals?

Well back in Sao Paulo, in the first Pro League Finals LAN here, I was expecting the fans to go insane as always, Brazilian people usually cheer like that and are very intense. But the venue wasn't that good, now with this season I think it will be the best, possibly ever, it's going to be difficult to get better than this because it's huge, and everybody can go crazy. Hopefully we will win in front of 12,000-13,000-15,000 people, I'm really excited about this.

Hardest game of this season?

I think the hardest game this season would be NiP, yeah, NiP. It was a really intense matc, it was 6-4 and was the closest match, I think, apart from the Black Dragons tie, this was the closest and was the hardest one, yeah.

Favourite LAN experience?

I think up until now my favourite experience was the 2018 Six Invitationals for sure. They were insane, it was the first time I saw the screens with the photo of the players and it was interactive, so when a player died their picture would shut off. I really liked that, I hope that Pro League here in Rio will have the same technology and experience for everybody.

Well, see you there, at the Pro League  Finals, I hope you guys cheer a lot for us, Faze Up.

You can watch camerm4n in action next from 11:00 BRT when FaZe Clan plays their quarter-final against Mock-it on the usual rainbow6 Twitch account.

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