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Road to Rio: easilyy

Ahead of their Pro League Finals appearance this weekend, we spoke with Kevin "easilyy" Skokowski about how the team has been adapting to their recent changes and their predictions for the Finals

Road to Rio: easilyy

Easilyy has played in Rogue since the end of Season 6, helping the team earn a top-4 finish at the Six Invitationals, the Season 7 Finals, DreamHack Austin, the Paris Major, OGA Pit and DreamHack Montreal but failing to earn any titles of yet.

Now, with the teammates of Slashug, supr, Shuttle, Ecl9pse and Ranger (their coach), easilyy will compete at the Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro as the second-seeded North American team. They will face the top-APAC team of NORA-Rengo initially before a possible semi-final match against either FaZe Clan or Mock-it. Here's what Easilyy had to say about his team and the event:

Who is Rogue?

We have Shuttle, who is kind of like our entry fragger, and he plays roamer on defence. So he’s like the fragstar of the team, his role involves getting a lot of kills and he plays the super aggressive operators.

We have Ecl9pse who is the secondary fragger, he plays the second entry and second roamer on defence. He can flex and anchor sometimes depending on the map. So Ecl9pse is more of a flex/secondary entry.

Then we have Seth (Supr), who is a man of many operators. He plays whatever the team needs especially on defence he plays all the info ops such as Valk, Pulse, Echo, Castle, like anything that is flex on defence Seth plays. Then on offence, he mostly plays hard breachers but sometimes he’ll flex onto something else if we don’t really need a hard breacher.

Then we have Slash who plays anchor on defence, he mostly plays Smoke. Then on the attack, he’s a flex he can play the Ying/Glaz kind of thing, he also can flex onto things like nades or Ying, whatever the team needs at that point.

Then me (easilyy) I play support on attack and defence, so I'm always anchored on defence and always support on the attack.

Mid-Season your team picked up supr & Shuttle. How have they been fitting in?

We played with Shuttle before at Atlantic City, and we liked Shuttle a lot so we wanted to pick up Shuttle. With Seth, after geoo left we needed a player and Seth fills the same roles that geoo could play because geoo is a pretty flexible player and can play a lot of ops. So that’s why we got Seth, Seth can play everything, Seth is just the best.  

How confident are you going into your match vs NORA-Rengo?

The last time we played NORA-Rengo, we beat them 2-1 but that was when we were playing with Shuttle, who wasn’t on the team at the time he was a stand-in at the time because geoo couldn’t go. We didn’t have that much time to prep for them as we would like because we were getting shuttle caught up with our system. Now we’ve had a while to practice with our full team I feel a lot more confident going into this match.

What does your team have that puts you ahead of the competition.

One major thing that our team has is flexible players like Supr, if someone's having a bad map we can always switch off operators and get people where they’re comfortable on that map. If someone isn’t having a good game they might say someone else takes this op, I’m not really having a good game and can’t hit my shots. So we’re pretty flexible on ops, everyone trusts each other, so that’s a really big part. If everyone on your team trusts their teammates and aren’t hesitant your team will always prosper. Supr: “No Fear”. Exactly, no fear.

Favourite lan experience?
Do I have a favourite LAN experience? Meeting Supr. For real, my favourite LAN experience was probably my first Invitational with Rogue. We actually made it to the quarters, and arguably could’ve made it to the finals, as we only lost by one second which was pretty unfortunate. That was my first LAN with Rogue and was a really good time, after that LAN I knew we’d have something special with this team so that was probably my favourite experience so far.
How did you react to qualifying for the Pro League finals?

Honestly, I was super happy and relieved, because that match was basically for two LANs, for the Pro League finals and Invitationals which is pretty huge. The way we started the first half of the season we were pretty trash, so I didn’t think we were going to make it. But the team ended up clutching up, and we actually ended up making it which was sick.

Predictions for the other side of the bracket?

I expect EG and G2 to win their first matches pretty convincingly. Then I expect G2 to beat out EG, probably 2-1 but it’s going to be pretty close in the semis. Then I obviously see G2 making the finals, and hopefully we’re there to play them and hopefully, we’re there to win.


That’s it, this has been Easilyy and Supr, thank you for listening to our interview.

You can watch easilyy and Supr in action next from 13:30GMT-2 when Rogue plays their quarter-final against Nora-Rengo on the usual rainbow6 Twitch account.

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