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Obey Disbands, eGang to Compete at Vegas

The Challenger League team of Elephant Gang will attend the US Nationals LAN Finals in place of Obey Alliance who has now officially disbanded.

After finishing eighth in the North American Pro League and being automatically demoted to the Challenger League, Obey Alliance has now officially disbanded. This comes as no surprise as multiple members had already publicly said goodbye to their teammates, with Bosco already finding a new team in Spacestation Gaming, and Skys retiring from playing to look for coaching opportunities.

This, therefore, means that the roster will be unable to compete at the upcoming US Nationals LAN Finals in Las Vegas taking place from the 15th to the 16th of December as they do not have the required 3/5 players which qualified for the tournament with.

In replace of Obey Alliance comes in Elephant Gang, the team that narrowly missed out on a spot in the Pro League against both Excelerate Gaming and Noble esports. This roster of Kanine, Avian, Trippen, GhxsT and Neptunez receives the spot as Obey Alliance had defeated them in the Stage 3 Eastern Conference Finals making eGang the runners-up, and so logical inheritor of the LAN qualification spot.

Similarly to Obey Alliance, Elephant Gang is also likely to be disbanding in the near future with multiple members already stating that they'll be taking a break from competitive Siege after the Las Vegas event.

Neptunez announcing "a long break from competitive siege" via a twitlonger


While none of this is exactly new information, this is the first time that Obey disbanding and eGang attending Vegas has been clearly confirmed by players involved. This means we will next see this roster when they compete for the $50k prize pool in a months’ time, with their first game being against the reigning DreamHack Champions, Cloud9, in the quarter-finals:

The US Nationals bracket via Liquipedia


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