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BeNeLux Season 2: Week 7

Catch up what happened in the final week of the BeNeLux Season 2.

Game 1: MnM Gaming 2-1 Cryptick Gaming

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Maps: Consulate (2-6), Coastline (6-3), Oregon (7-5)

MnM: Craxan, SoulSeekeR, Theosadi, f0nkers and imEdd

Cryptick: Badger, DaanKey, Dopey, MortaR and Rhino


The match was pretty close with both teams securing 1 map without too much hustle, but the decider map went to overtime with MnM emerging as the winners. Neither of the teams qualified for the upcoming BeNeLux LAN, meaning they are both facing relegations. On Consulate we saw MnM banning Glaz and Mira and Cryptick banning Echo and Lion. On Coastline MnM stuck to their original bans while Cryptick switched from Echo to Clash but stuck with Lion on attack. On the final round MnM banned Glaz and Mira once again, with Cryptick keeping the Clash ban but also bringing in a Ying ban, meaning this was one of the few maps this season Lion wasn't banned.

During this game there was a surprise as well, as the casting team received a free pizza by the Flash Point player Dark, trying to win the title of the MVP of BeNeLux Season 2. You can watch the Twitch Clip of it below. Speaking of clips, feel free to check out our highlight video:

Game 2: Trust Gaming 2-0 Demise

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Maps: Oregon (6-2), Coastline (6-2), Consulate (not played)

Trust: Avaiche, Deapek, Leonski, Quadzy and Snuf

Demise: Farooq, Noera, Staed, rxwd and sNKy


This match was expected to be the clash of the Titans, as both teams went undefeated in the League right up until the final week. However, the match was pretty one-sided with Demise only winning 2 rounds on both maps and left many viewers pretty disappointed. Although both teams are qualified for LAN, meaning we just might get a more exciting rematch if both teams beat Flash Point and OG Squad respectively and qualify for the grand final. On Oregon, we saw a Lion and Mira ban from Trust while Demise banned Ying and Smoke. On Coastline Trust kept both bans the same while Demise banned Ash and Jager instead, leaving to believe it might have been a targeted ban.

Game 3: Flash Point 2-0 Diversity Gaming

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Maps: Border (6-1), Clubhouse (6-2), Villa (not played)

Flash Point: Dark, Deox, ScorpZ, Sejinex and TijgerB
Diversity: Buurst, Krxks, Phen0m, RiPro and Soft


The match was really important for Flash Point, as this was their last chance to qualify for LAN. They seized their opportunity and defeated Diversity with a convincing 2-0. Diversity only managed to secure 3 rounds for the second week in a row, and are now facing relegations. On the first map FP banned Lion and Valkyrie while Diversity crossed Mira and Ying off the board. On the second map Diversity banned Thermite and Clash and FP decided to ban Mira and Maverick, making Hibana the only playable hard-breacher of the map.

Will Dark win the MVP title he longs to get? We will see that in the near future, but until then, feel free to check out our Highlight of this match:

Game 4: Auxilium 1-2 OG Squad

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Maps: Consulate (4-6), Oregon (6-4), Border (4-6)

Auxilium: IggyKoopa, Kroap, Kwekko, Malus and Xoogle
OG: Dawiid: Dildosor, FOXSOUND, Fantomia and NXRO.


The last match of the day could not really shake up the standings too much as OG was already qualified for LAN and Auxilium couldn’t have done so even if they won their final match of the season as they had only secured 1 win in the entire league by beating Diversity, the only team below them on the scoreboard after the online part of the League. On Consulate we saw Auxilium ban Ying and Echo, while OG banned Lion and Valkyrie. On the 2nd map, that being Oregon, Auxilium banned Jackal and Mira, with OG stuck to their Lion ban on attacking side and switched to Caveira on defence. The deciding map was Border on which Auxilium banned Ying again, joined by the Smoke from defending side. OG banned Lion for the third time in a row, accompanied by a staple ban in competitive play, Mira.

Dark orders pizza

Make Sure to tune in on the 24th November for the LAN finals of the BeNeLux League Season 2. The matches were supposed to be cast by KiXsTAr and Milosh, but the latter just announced he won’t be able to attend due to passport issues. The replacement is not yet known. Hap will fill the role of the desk host. There are also two special guests that will take up the mantle of the analysts: Z1ronic and Pengu. So make sure to tune in on the 24th on the official R6 BeNeLux Twitch channel.

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