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EU Transfers: Latest Updates

LATEST: Sua, ENCE's Coach, steps down

EU Transfers: Latest Updates

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the European Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming EU changes and you can check the LATAM, NA and APAC threads for all other changes since the regular season of Pro League concluded.

Summary of Changes So Far

Chaos - Sn0oken released, replaced by Vitoline.

Team Empire - RayzerGM joins as coach

Millenium - Roster officially released, Liven and Renshiro kicked, Alphama and UUNO join, roster joins LeStream Esports

ENCE eSports - SlebbeN replaces UUNO, Sua leaves as coach

Mock-it Esports - Cry1NNN joins

PENTA Sports - Panix kicked, Blas Picked up

Team Vitality - aPPROX Joins, BiBoo, ZephiR, RaFaLe, Heaavens, and BiOs Depart

Roster Changes

10. Sua, ENCE's Coach, Steps Down

Four months after taking up the position Kevin "Sua" Stahnke has stepped down from his staff position at ENCE eSports stating that he's "not out of PL" and that we "will learn soonTM where [his] new home is".

Sua joined ENCE back in September last year in order to guide them through Challenger League and back to Pro League which, thanks to a second place finish during Season 8 of the Challenger League and subsequent victory over Team Vitality in the relegations, he has succeeded in.

It is not known yet what opportunity led him to leave the current third-placed team in EU Pro League but with a matchup against G2 Esports on Friday, he will be sorely missed by the squad.


9. RaFaLe, ZephiR, Heaavens, and BiOs Depart from Vitality

A long time member of the Rainbow Six esports scene, Vitality announced today that it is officially parting ways with ZephiR and RaFaLe, now making three who have left from the Pro League-relegated team. This announcement comes after BiBoo was replaced by aPPROX. This, along with the departure of their coach BiOs and manager Heaavens, hints at a possible disband.

8. Blas Picked up by PENTA

Following the news of Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux’s departure, PENTA has finally filled us in with his replacement- Balázs “Blas” Kővári.

The Hungarian comes in from having left his tenure on ENCE eSports on October 18th, marking his second run with the organization. His prior run lasted from September 10th to December 21st in 2017, in which he coached the roster of Pengu, Joonas, Fabian, Goga, and KS alongside Thomas “Shas[O]Udas” Lee to a Year 2 Season 3 exit after being eliminated by Black Dragons in São Paulo.

Prior to joining PENTA, Blas competed under the banner of Team iSELLPOWER during the Year 2 Season 3 Challenger League Qualifiers alongside the likes of Gomfi and Doki. Following his departure from PENTA, Blas was picked up by ENCE eSports on June 20th to complete their lineup for the Paris Major qualifiers, where they were eventually defeated by Edenity in the loser’s bracket. He also competed at DreamHack Valencia where the team followed another loss to PENTA. On October 18th of this year, ENCE announced Blas's departure to be filled in by Ville “SHA77E” Palola.

7. Panix Kicked From PENTA Sports

One of the core and best-known members of PENTA Sports, Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux, has been kicked from PENTA due to  "internal differences within the team".

The core of this roster initially formed way back in Season 1 of the Pro League when Panix, ENEMY, and RevaN played on Aera eSport and has been together under the organisations of Team Vitality, Mock-it Esports and, most recently, PENTA Sports alongside Hungry, SirBoss and Jess (their analyst).

This roster achieved a number of successes this year, from being crowned French Champions in Coupe de France 2018, German Champions at the Castle Siege 2018 and, most recently, booking their place at the Six Invitational 2019 after finishing runners-up at the DreamHack Winter 2018 tournament earlier this month. Panix will now split from this roster after an apparent falling out with his teammates, with both his future and who will replace him within the squad still unknown.

6. Cry1NNN joins Mock-it Esports

Mock-it Esports, who finished in second place in Europe during Season 8 of the Pro League, has picked up Pascal "Cry1NNN" Alouane to play in their starting roster.

Previously Cry1NNN played in CCS on the team known initially as Ouroborous, then Planetkey Dynamics and finally FitnaBoyZ where he finished Season 3 in fourth-placed after forfeiting their playoff match. Prior to this Cry1NNN was crowned the German champion in March this year after winning the Six Lounge Series #5, the likely highlight of his career so far. Now, a month after Mock-it knocked his team out of the Castle Siege tournament - 6,1, 6,2 - he has joined Mock-it as BakaBryan is seemingly stepping down to a sub position on the team. Cry1NNN's Pro League debut will be tonight against G2 Esports when Season 9 of the Pro League starts up for Europe

5. LeStream Esports acquires Ex-Millenium, Alphama and UUNO replace Liven and Renshiro

The team previously known as Millenium has made a number of changes with two of their core players of Gaël "Liven" Gruyere and Olivier "Renshiro" Vandroux leaving and being replaced by Léo "Alphama" Robine and Aleksi "UUNO" Työppönen who, alongisde Hicks, risze, AceeZ and Crapelle (their coach) will play under the organisation LeStream Esports for the upcoming DreamHack WInter tournament and Season 9 of the Pro League.

Liven and Renshiro had been a part of Millenium since they first entered the R6 scene back in March of 2017 but now have been kicked from the team in somewhat of a surpirse to many fans. Liven was effectively the face of the team, taking interviews on behalf of his team but will now be sidelined as his team decided to replace the two remaining members of the origional roster for fresh faces.

Replacing this duo is the ex-Supremacy player of Alphama and the ex-ENCE player of UUNO. Alphama previously played on Supremacy during the first half of Season 8 as well as at the Coupe de France 2018, both with little success. UUNO meanwhile has played on ENCE eSports in a number of tournaments such as the Six Invitationals 2018, Season 7 of the Pro League and DreamHack Valencia and was seen as one of the star players of ENCE - he will certainly be a player to look out for in this new roster.

This roster of UUNO, Hicks, risze, Alphama and AceeZ will now join the organisation of LeStream Eports, one of the biggest esports conglomerates in France, at this weekend's DreamHack Winter tournament and the upcoming Season 9 of the Pro League. This also marks a hugely historic moment in which - as risze is Belgian, AceeZ is German and UUNO is Finnish - we have no French majority teams in the Pro League for the first time in R6S history.

4. SlebbeeN Replaces UUNO in ENCE

11 months after joining the roster, Aleksi "UUNO" Työppönen has left the Finnish majority roster to be replaced by a fellow Finn, Alex "SlebbeN" Nordlund.

SlebbeN has little high-level experience but has played in a number of tournaments on Moti On Gaming and then NYYRIKKI Esports such as the King of Nordic tournament, coming 3rd in Season 1 and, most recently, the CCS Season 4 qualifiers alongside his ex-teammate and ex-ENCE player of pannari.

He now joins the ENCE eSports roster of Willkey, Bounssi, Gomfi, SHA77e and Sua (their coach) at DreamHack Winter and in Season 9 of the Pro League. UUNO's future is, however, unknown of yet but, as stated below, he leaves the team as his contract was bought out by another team meaning we'll likely still see him in Pro League next week regardless.

3. Millenium Roster Officially Released

Five weeks after announcing the move, Millenium has now dropped their roster as they attempt to return to their roots in news coverage rather than as an esports organisation.

While in R6, the Millenium org was crowned the DreamHack Austin 2018 champions and numerous time champions of France but now the roster of Liven, AceeZ, Hicks, Renshiro, risze and Crapelle (their coach) will leave MilleniumTeam as the organisation leaves the game 20 months after they entered it.

The timing of this announcement says a lot as this roster is due to attend DreamHack Winter in just four days and Millenium initially announce they will be dropping their team at the end of the year which strongly implies a new org will be announcing the acquisition of this roster before DreamHack.

No more Lonely Dancer ?
so many tournaments, so many wins, but still so many emotions!
Thank you guys, you'll always be part of the !

2. RayzerGM Joins as Coach

The Russian ex-Pro League player of Oleg "RayzerGM" Kuchin has joined the newly promoted Pro League team of Team Empire in a coaching role. RayzerGM played alongside the Empire players of karzheka and Shockwave in Most Wanted eSports during Season 4 of Pro League in which they won just one map before being relegated.

Since then he has competed in a number of smaller tournaments such as the Russian Championships 2018, finishing in third on E2 eSports, and CCS Season 3, finishing sixth on forZe, but will now rejoin the top tiers of Siege as a coach alongside the players of ShepparD, Shockwave, JoyStiCk, karzheka and Scyther in Team Empire

The pickup announcement via the Team Empire website


1. Chaos Releases sn0oken

After a disappointing Season 8, Chaos has released their longtime player, Lars Malte "sno0ken" Ekström. Formerly having been on Playing Ducks with the British duo of Lacky and meepeY, he (together with two other Swedes) had acrimoniously split and claimed the Season 7 Pro League spot, sending the newly born I Don't Know (now Team Secret) into the Challenger League. Since then, he has played at all three DreamHack's this year, finishing joint fifth at Austin and Valencia and joint ninth in Montreal. Chaos will be replacing sn0oken with newcomer Aleks “Vitoline” Lyapun, who is an up-and-coming Swedish player.

Vitoline is another Swedish player best known for his performance as a star player in forZe during Season 3 of the Cyber-athletic Championship Series. Outside of this Vitoline has also been crowned the King of Nordic Season 1 champion on the team "Folli's Swedes" back in March. Joining Pro League will now be a huge step up for the otherwise inexperienced player as his first real competitive experience. While Chaos is not scheduled to play in any tournaments until Pro League restarts, it is fairly likely that we'll see Vitoline debut on Chaos at DreamHack Winter at the end of this month.


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.