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LATAM Relegations: ReD DevilS Top CL, paiN Saves PL Spot Against Guidance

Discover what happened during the LATAM Challenger League Finals and Pro League relegations.

CL Finals: ReD DevilS 2 - 1 Guidance Gaming

Maps: Oregon (5-7), Border (6-4), Clubhouse (6-2)

ReD DevilS: VelveT, VNXzz, Zyon, Abreu, Mity

Guidance: Alpha, Miracle, Aconite, PluuSh, h1ghs


After Red Devils’ victory over YeaH and Guidance’s respective victory against SG (form. Cartel), the finals, and fight for a guaranteed spot in LATAM Pro League, came down to a well-contested fight between Red Devils and Guidance that happened to be the victim of multiple rehosts. In our first map, Oregon, Guidance take control after their role on Defense, heading into the second half 3-2. Red Devils are able to snatch a round to equalize, however Guidance’s victories on rounds seven and eight lands them the match point advantage after incredible plays by both Aconite and Miracle. Red Devils, however, manages to keep up with the pace, equalizing the match point to force overtime after an incredible defence on round ten. After a rehost, the overtime continued with Guidance winning round six, and round seven after an unfortunate teamkill from Red Devils.


Following the first map loss, Red Devils’ bad luck would catch up with them after four of their five disconnected in the middle of round one, establishing another rehost, but giving the first round to Guidance (due to rehost limit maxed at map one). The halftime would see a polar picture of the Oregon round, putting Red Devils in the lead 3-2 after incredible round finishes from VelveT. Match point lands in Red Devils’ favour heading into round nine- a round that Guidance managed to snatch but to no avail. The map victory secured by Red Devils- enforcing the decider map.


The showdown for legendary organization Black Dragons’ Pro League spot would be on the line in the decider, taking us all the way to Germany for the final match on Clubhouse. Red Devils would harness control of the game, putting them up 4-1 by the end of the first half. By the first round of the second half, Red Devils snatch match point away from Guidance, who manage to capitalize on round seven, but sadly not round eight. Red Devils would increasingly improve their play over the course of all three maps to enter Pro League, and Guidance would have to fight for this opportunity one more time.


LATAM Relegations: paiN Gaming 2 - 0 Guidance Gaming

Maps: Oregon (6-1), Bank (6-4), Border (Not played)

paiN Gaming: Revo1ts, gCR, SpawNsss, fk1, ninexT

Guidance: Alpha, Miracle, Aconite, PluuSh, h1ghs


Guidance’s path to Pro League would come across a monolithic obstacle- paiN Gaming, a team that has seen victories over Team One, NiP, and Team Liquid. Yet, following the loss of Yoona, who is on lease to FaZe Clan to replace Gohan, paiN would have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the pack. Ending the season with a W-D-L record of 4-3-7, paiN would have to stake their claim against Guidance if they want any shot of heading into Season 9. Coming hot off of securing match point and the overtime victory on Oregon in the CL Finals, Guidance would have the advantage with fresher map knowledge. However, entering into the second half, paiN have match point with a staggering 5-0 advantage. Guidance manages to wiggle one round in, but paiN seals the deal on round seven, with a 6-1 victory to dwindle Guidance’s chances of entering Pro League.



By the start of the game, it seemed as if all hope was lost for Guidance, losing the first two rounds. Yet by the end of the first half, paiN was up 3-2. Guidance seemed to have paiN’s number by the start of the second half, with every round paiN won, Guidance won the next. As paiN locked in match point with a victory on round nine, they would also be signing their place to stay in LATAM Pro League with a 2-0 map victory over Guidance. gCR takes a head on the leaderboard, with a 1.32 Rating and 1.89 K/D, yet four out of paiN’s five players would manage to get at least 13 kills across both maps. As of these results, Guidance will stay in Challenger League with Red Devils taking Black Dragons’ PL spot, and paiN will remain amongst their fellow LATAM organizations.



You can catch the European and North American Challenger League Finals and Pro League relegation matches next week at the usual Pro League times.

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