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BeNeLux Season 2: Week 6

Catch up on what happened in Week 6 of BeNeLux Season 2.

Game 1: Demise 2-0 Flash Point

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Maps: Oregon (7-6), Border (7-6), Clubhouse (not played)
Demise: Farooq, Noera, Staed, rxwd and sNKy
Flash Point: Dark, Deox, ScorpZ, Sejinex, TijgerB

While Demise already secured their LAN spot in the prior weeks, Flash Point were yet to do so. They had the opportunity to do so this week. Alas, things didn't go quite as planned for them and after two close overtime matches, players from Demise emerged as the winners. However, FP can still qualify for LAN next week. They are playing against Diversity which is yet to win a game in this season of the BeNeLux League. On the first map we saw FP ban Lion and Vigil, while Ying and Echo got banned by Demise. On the second map the bans remained the same with exception of FP banning Maestro instead of Vigil.

Game 2: OG Squad 2-1 MnM Gaming

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Maps: Oregon (6-4), Border (3-6), Coastline (7-6)
OG Squad: Dawiid, Dildosor, Fantomia, NXRO and Roby
MnM: Craxan, Kabouter, SoulSeekeR, Theosadi and f0nkers

By winning the game OG Squad secured the third LAN spot (besides Trust and Demise). The match was not completely one-sided but most of the round did go in favor of OG Squad with MnM fighting back as best as they could. One of the most notable plays was Kabouter’s ace, but unfortunately it was not enough for MnM to secure the game. This was also the only match this week to see all 3 maps played, which shows how close the teams were. On Oregon we saw Lion and Maestro banned by OG Squad alongside the Blitz and Mira ban. On Border OG left their bans unchanged from the previous game, while MnM banned Dokkaebi and Echo instead. We saw Coastline as the decider map and with it came the Lion and Mira ban by OG and Dokkaebi and Echo ban by MnM

Game 3: Trust Gaming 2-0 Diversity

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Maps: Coastline (6-2), Border (6-1), Clubhouse (not played)
Trust Gaming: Avaiche, Deapek, Leonski, Quadzy and Snuf
Diversity: Buurst, Krxks, Phen0m, RiPro and Soft

With Trust being at the very top of the standings and Diversity being their complete opposite, the result was quite obvious. Diversity did win 3 rounds, but at the end of the day the current BeNeLux Champions proved once again to be the dominant team. On Coastline we say Diversity ban both Grim Sky operators, Maverick and Clash, while Trust went for the more common Lion and Mira ban. On Border all the bans stayed the same, except for Thermite being banned instead of Maverick by Diversity.

Game 4: Auxilium 0-2 Cryptick Gaming

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Maps: Oregon (5-7), Bank (0-6)
Auxilium: IggyKoopac Kroap, Kwekko, Malus and Xoogle
Cryptick Gaming: Badger, DaanKey, Dopey, MortaR and Rhino

The match started of pretty evenly, but despite Auxiliums best efforts to fight back, they lost the first map to Cryptic after 2 rounds of overtime. The second map, on the other hand, was a completely different story with Cryptick obliterating Auxilium and getting a 6-0. In the first map of the last match of the day we saw Lion and Clash banned by Cryptick and Ying and Mira banned by Auxilium. The last map brought us similar bans, by Cryptick banning Lion and Clash again, while Auxilium baned Ying and Mira

Be sure to catch the final week of the BeNeLux League Season 2 on the official Twitch channel at 7pm CEST on the 7th of November. To see all the upcoming game schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.

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