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R6TM Relaunches

R6TM relaunching with a Team Hub, LATAM hubs, and expanded APAC hubs

R6TM Relaunches

R6TM Announcement Notes:

R6TM FACEIT Hubs will resume this coming weekend, November 3rd.

  • R6TM Team Hub is introduced. In this new hub, you play with 4 friends or your team against other 5 Stacks.
  • R6TM APAC expands with INVITE hub
  • R6TM LATAM launches with OPEN, MAIN and INVITE hubs.
  • When you reach level 5 in OPEN or TEAM you can apply with your R6 TAB profile to join MAIN in our Main hubs there is an application function which you have to use to join the Hub; we check these 4 times per day. You can keep playing in MAIN until you drop to level 3 and go back to OPEN.
  • R6TM Open is where you get started when playing R6TM.


What is R6TM

R6TM is a matchmaking service designed to allow players to play competitively in an environment with Pro League setting involving Map bans, Operator bans, and Captain picks. In their last update, R6TM partnered with FACEIT to provide Rainbow Six Siege players with a fast alternative to normal matchmaking.


How do I play?

All that is required to play is a working mic, internet, and a FACEIT profile.

Join their Discord or check their website for more information