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LATAM Day 14: Black Dragons Relegated, Immortals to Rio

Find out what happend on the final day of the Latin America Pro League.

Game 1: BootKamp Gaming 6-2 paiN Gaming

Map: Border

Operator Bans: Lion, Glaz, Mira, Clash

BootKamp Gaming dominated paiN from the start, taking the first half 4-1. PaiN could not recover from this early onslaught, eventually losing 6-2. BK were led by Paluh, who carried his team with a rating of 1.97, and a KDR of 3.25. PaiN fell apart during their defensive rounds, often letting the Ash of Paluh rack up kills without getting any refrags. This result means paiN will finish in 7th place, forced to play the second team in Challenger League. BootKamp will finish 5th, an impressive finish for a team just two weeks ago a favorite for relegation.

Game 2: FaZe Clan 5-5 Black Dragons

Map: Border

Operator Bans: Lion, Glaz, Mira, Clash

Black Dragons will be relegated to Challenger League as a draw was not enough for them to retain their spot. While they will be relegated they should hold their heads high as during the second half of the season they tied both FaZe and Liquid, two of the best teams in LATAM. Astro was the top performer for FaZe, ending with an impressive 14 kills, while DRUNKKZZ and RDZ both picked up 9 kills each for Black Dragons. FaZe will go to Rio as LATAM’s top seed, while Black Dragons go to Challenger League as one of the favorites to win next season.

Game 3: Team oNe Esports 5-5 Team Liquid

Map: Villa

Operator Bans: Lion, Montagne, Clash, Mira

Team Liquid will not go to LAN after a tie against Team oNe Esports. The reigning Pro League Champions have had a disappointing second half of the season, only picking up one victory, and falling out of the second spot into fourth. This result caps off an impressive Team oNe season however, which sees them finish 3rd. NESK, Bullet and psk each had 8 kills, while Hugzord led his team with 9 kills.

Game 4: Ninjas in Pyjamas 6-3 Immortals

Map: Bank

Operator Bans: Lion, Blitz, Echo, Clash

In a match which meant nothing to either team thanks to earlier results, NiP continued their impressive 4 win streak to end the season with a 6-3 victory over Immortals. Luckily for Immortals, they were already safe in the second position after Liquid tied Team oNe earlier, so they had nothing to lose in this matchup. Psycho and wag both led the way for NiP, each picking up 10 kills. NiP will cap their mid-season turnaround in 6th place, while Immortals will be the second team representing LATAM in Rio.

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