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NA Day 14: Rogue Goes to LAN, Obey Relegated

Find out what happened on day 14 of the North American Pro League.

Game 1: Evil Geniuses 5-5 Obey Alliance

Map: Oregon

Evil Geniuses: Canadian, NvK, Yung, Geo, Necrox

Obey: Mahman, Benji, Adam, Bosco, Skys

Obey needed to beat Evil Geniuses (EG) in order to stay in the Pro League, and while they put up a valiant effort, they simply fell short of victory when they needed it the most. EG had nothing to lose in the match, as they had already have a guaranteed spot at LAN. Obey’s tie and Noble’s victory means that Obey is auto-relegated and will not play in the Pro League next year, making Obey’s Skys the second player in Siege history to get relegated two seasons in a row after p0Lo with Barrage eSports and gBots PRO.

Game 2: Rogue 6-4 SK Gaming

Map: Coastline

Rogue: Slashug, Ecl9pse, Easilyy, Shuttle, Supr

SK: Mint, Hotancold, Pojoman, Jarvis, Nyx

In potentially the most entertaining match of the season, Rogue and SK traded blows in a match in which the victor would go to LAN. Despite incredibly valiant efforts from both Mint and Nyx on  SK's side, a bit of luck and a superb performance from Shuttle meant that Rogue would make it to Rio de Janeiro. SK Gaming, unfortunately, miss out on yet another LAN in their long-running hunt for a second Finals appearance after Season 4.

Game 3: Spacestation Gaming 6-0 Cloud 9

Map: None

Cloud 9 forfeited their match against SSG due to connection issues with ESL Wire anti-cheat. However, the forfeit did not affect much, as neither team moved up or down in the standings, nor would they have been able to if the result had been different.

Game 4: Noble 6-2 mousesports

Map: Clubhouse

Noble: Yeti, Acid, Krazy, Breezy, ZZ

Mouz: England, Vandal, Vertcl, Beastly, Hyper

In no doubt the oddest result of the day, Noble secured a win over mousesports (mouz) that saved them from automatic-relegation, and instead sent Obey Alliance down to the Challenger League for Season 9. While both teams played sloppily, creating rumours of mouz throwing the game on purpose to relegate Obey, it is hard to prove any wrongdoing. With mouz slated to play in the US Nationals this weekend, they would have been unwilling to show off any worthwhile strategies. On the other hand, Noble -- while safe from auto-relegation -- still must beat the second-place Challenger League team in order to keep their Pro League spot next season.

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