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BeNeLux Season 2: Week 4

Catch up on what happened in Week 4 of BeNeLux Season 2.

Game 1: Trust 2-0 Cryptick Gaming

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Maps: Consulate (6-1), Coastline (6-1), Oregon (not played)

Trust Gaming: Anthony, Avaiche, Deapek, Leonski and Quadzy

Cryptick Gaming: Dopey, Daankey, MortaR, Rhino and TerroR

Trust provided us with a dominating performance that got them a lot closer to a LAN sport. Cryptick Gaming, however, only managed to secure a total of two rounds across both maps. The first map was Consulate, on which Trust banned Lion and Mira, while Cryptick banned Capitao and Clash. On the second map, Trust once again banned Lion and Mira, while Cryptick decided to ban IQ and Clash.

Game 2: DiversityGG 1-2 Auxilium

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Maps: Clubhouse (6-2), Border (4-6), Oregon (4-6)

Auxilium: Kwekko, Kroap, Aizy, Flamy and Anthox

DiversityGG: Krxks.nT, Phen0m, RiPro, Soft and ZAYROR

We got to see a thriller between Auxilium and DiversityGG in a game that was captivating to watch from the start until the end. On the first map, Clubhouse, the players of Auxilium seemed to have given up and looked beaten. However, on the second map, Border, Auxilums roused their spirits and fought hard to force a 3rd map. Oregon was a close map between DiversityGG and Auxilium as well, but Auxilium eventually came out on top to take the win.

Game 3: Demise 2-1 MnM Gaming

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Maps: Clubhouse (4-6), Border (6-4), Oregon (6-3)

Team Demise: Stead, Farooq, rxwd, sNKy and Blaz

MnM: Craxan, Fippsi, imEdd, Kabouter and SoulSeekeR

The match between MnM Gaming and Demise was a true rollercoaster, with the momentum swinging back and forth. Clubhouse started with a clear three round lead for Demise before MnM fought back to take the win on that first map. The second map, Border, saw a quick four round lead for MnM, it was Demise this time who made an astonishing comeback to take the win. On the 3rd map, though, things seemed much closer, with no team having a clear lead at the start. However, that changed quickly and Demise won Oregon to take the win once again this week.

Game 4: Flash Point 0-2 OG Squad

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Maps: Oregon (5-7), Coastline (0-6), Bank (not played)

Flash Point: Dark, Deox, Scorpz, Sejinex and TigerB

OG Squad: NXRO, Fantomia, Dawiid, Dildosor and Roby

In an uncharacteristically disappointing performance, Flash Point left fans shocked after their match against OG Squad. The first map that we got to see was Oregon. There, both teams were very close but OG Squad took the lead in overtime and then the map win. The second map, Coastline, was devastating for Flash Point though, as OG Squad crushed their opponents and left absolutely no chance for a comeback.

Check out our highlights from the 4th week of play of Benelux Season 2!

Trust Gaming vs Cryptick:
Demise vs MnM Gaming:

Be sure to catch Week 5 of the BeNeLux League Season 2 on the official Twitch channel at 7pm CEST next week on the 24th of October. To see all the upcoming game schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.