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LATAM Day 10: paiN Gaming Upsets, NiP’s Woes Continue

Catch up on what happened during the Latin American Pro League Play Day #10.

Game 1: Team oNe 5 -5 BootKamp Gaming  

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Map: Border

Team oNe:  Ion, Panico, Fallz, Hugzord, GdNN1

BootKamp: Dudds, Paluh, MKing, Bor, and IntacT


In their second meeting of the season, Team oNe were looking to find their first Pro League win since July and BootKamp wanted to recover from a tough loss from last week. Team oNe also made a roster change going into this match; Fallz replaced IBlackz on the main lineup. This game seemed almost as if it was a copycat of the first meeting between these teams. The previous game took place on Border and most of the rounds were won by the defense. In this rematch, both teams went 4-1 on their defensive halves which ended the game with a 5-5 draw. This draw might feel more like a loss for T1 due to the fact that they were up 4-1 by the end of the first half. Bootkamp drops to sixth place in the standings while Team oNe remains in fourth place. It seems T1 has been slowing down lately since they only secured three points from their last four matches. With Pain Gaming only one point behind T1 now, they will need to act swiftly in their next matches.

Game 2: Black Dragons 2-6 Immortals

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Map: Club House

Black Dragons:  Lev1, Sm4ll, rdz, Drunkkzz and slash-

Immortals: Novys, D1OGO1, cyb3r, oNe, and pX


After winning two straight games, Black Dragons were looking for their third victory to help their chances of escaping the relegation zone. After a rough start to the second half of Season 8, Immortals came into this matchup with a lineup change. Px was brought off the bench to replace Yuuk on the main lineup. Despite Px not playing on the main lineup since Playday 2, he had a solid game with 1.33 rating. Now with 17 points, Immortals are tied on points with second place Team Liquid in the standings. The only thing that is keeping Immortals in third place is their slightly worst round difference.

Game 3: Pain Gaming 6 - 1 Team Liquid

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Map: Oregon

paiN Gaming: Ninext, SpawNsss, fk1, gCR, and Revo1tz

Team Liquid: Nesk, Bullet1, ziG, psk1, and xS3xyCake


Team Liquid were looking to get ahead of Immortals on points in the standings but Pain Gaming’s upset would foil their plans. Overall, the majority of the Pain’s lineup performed well. Four out of the five Pain players had a rating of at least one, showing how well-rounded this team was during this match. Team Liquid’s main source of fragging power, Nesk, was not having a good match so Zig and S3xyCake stepped up their game but that was not enough. Liquid conceded another 6-1 defeat in the second half of Season 8 which brings their round difference from +9 down to +4.  Team Liquid is still in second place but only by round difference; they lead Immortals in round difference by only two rounds. Pain Gaming, BootKamp Gaming, and Team oNe Esports are not far behind Liquid and Immortals in this race for second place.

Game 4: FaZe Clan 6 - 4 Ninjas in Pyjamas

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Map: Club House

FaZe Clan: Yoona, Astro, cameram4n, mav, and muringa

Immortals: pzd, wag, Julio, Kamikaze, and Psycho


FaZe Clan were poised on becoming the first LATAM team to reach 20+ points for Season 8 while NiP were desperate to get themselves three points for their dire situation. NiP did not make easy for FaZe however they ultimately fell 6-4. FaZe Clan's winning streak continues as they extended their streak to five, making themselves 5 points clear at the top of the LATAM standings. While this result may have not been what NiP wanted, luckily for them, seventh place Black Dragons lost on Playday 10 as well which keeps NiP just two points behind BD. Even with BD’s loss, NiP still have not shown improvement like BD have in the second half of Season 8. NiP and BD will most likely end up being in the relegation zone together but the question is, which team will be automatically relegated?

These are the standings for LATAM Pro League after 10 Playdays:

Be sure to catch Day 11 of Latin American Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels on Wednesday, October 3rd at 7 pm BRT, 6 pm EDT and 12 am CEST. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.