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Dev Blog: September Update

New on SiegeGG: Team pages, a pro league standings page, a better layout for finding matches, and more.

Hey, I’m Dohnutt, a front-end dev at SiegeGG. Along with the rest of the dev team, I’m happy to announce a few features that we’ve been working on over the past month or so.

First up: Team pages

One of our goals is to provide more than just match results. We hope to deliver up-to-date roster info, news, and most importantly stats. That’s why we’re launching Team pages. At the moment, Team pages may seem empty, but we hope to build these pages out to serve as a sort of hub for players interested in specific teams. At a glance, see a team’s roster, news, upcoming matches, recent results, recent map stats, and much more coming soon™.

Visit Ninjas In Pyjamas’ brand new team page

Access these new pages by clicking on a team’s name or logo on the standings page, or on a match page. We have purposefully left them out of the main navigation at this point, as we will be building them out to be more useful in the future.

Pro League standings

Accessible under the “Stats” dropdown in the main navigation, you’ll find a new item: Pro League Standings.

North America’s season 8 standings

We now provide standings for the current season, powered entirely by our own stats database: This has its benefits, but it also means that, when we’re behind on stats (remember: we track our stats manually), the standings may appear out of date. We’ll do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen, but help is always appreciated in our Stats department.

Take a look at our new standings page.

Better match filtering

In July, we debuted match filters, but we weren’t quite happy with their location on-screen. We’ve shifted the layout of the Matches page to dedicate the left sidebar to filtering. On mobile, the filters collapse into a menu that allows you to hide it until you need it.

The straightforward layout should make it easier to understand for users. Our goal is to make finding upcoming & past matches as easy as possible.

Three more quality-of-life updates…

See the breakdown of rounds won on each side. Displayed within the score box for each map, you can now see how many rounds each team won on defense or attack. See an example.

Roster display updates, including more pronounced in-game usernames and player nationality flags. These changes are visible on both Match pages and the newly-created Team pages. Check it out.

A prettier homepage intro area, showcasing our new tagline, “Opening Up Rainbow Six Esports”. See for yourself.


These features are a collaboration between our dev team plus other key staff members. Thanks @Kev, @Chrispe, @Splek, and @FinnsterMac for your help. We always welcome feedback in our discord server, so stop in!

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