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Day 3 Roundup | DreamHack Montreal 2018

We bring you the roundup of the last day of action at DreamHack Montreal 2018.

This last day of DreamHack Montreal 2018 saw both semi-finals, the third-place match, and the grand final played. You can watch our highlights for these three games here.


Games: Cloud9 vs Millenium, SK Gaming vs Rogue

Cloud9, after finishing first of their group and beating mousesports in a dominant fashion in yesterday’s quarter-finals, this time faced a tougher opponent: the European team Millenium, who had won DreamHack Austin earlier this year and has since picked up AceeZ as a new player. However, after two close 13-round games on Villa and Consulate, and despite a very strong showing by AceeZ with a 1.55 SiegeGG rating, Cloud9 narrowly beat Millenium and advanced to the Final.

SiegeGG stats for Millenium vs Cloud9
The statistics of the Cloud9 vs Millenium matchup

Yesterday, SK Gaming had beaten Team Secret in a close 2-0 (6-4, 7-5), while Rogue, despite just picking up two new players, had demolished EG 6-2, 6-2. Today, they met in the second semi-final, and here Rogue beat SK 6-4, 6-4 on Coastline and Villa, and advanced to the grand final of a major Rainbow 6 tournament for the first time since the 2017 Invitationals (as Era Eternity) despite multiple semi-final finishes.

SiegeGG stats for SK vs Rogue
The statistics of the Rogue vs SK Gaming matchup


Third-place Match

Millenium vs SK Gaming

While the grand final was taking place, Millenium and SK Gaming were fighting for 3rd place on Border, Coastline, and Villa, culminating in a 2-1 win giving 3rd place to Millenium, and 4th place to SK Gaming’s first LAN presence since the Season 4 Pro League Finals.

Grand Final

Cloud9 vs Rogue

After those two hotly contested semi-finals, Cloud9 and Rogue fought, first on Bank which Cloud9 won handily with a score of 6-3, then on Clubhouse, where the two teams fought to the very end. Thanks to a 2.0 k/d by Retro, but also good stats for all of the Cloud9 players, Cloud9 took Clubhouse 7-6, winning the match and the tournament 2 maps to 0.

SiegeGG stats of Cloud9 vs Rogue
The statistics of the Rogue vs Cloud9 final

Despite this being their first season in Pro League, and being considered one of the worst NA Pro League teams due to their bad start in Season 8, Cloud9 beat both EG and Rogue who are often regarded as the top 2 NA teams to win this tournament; proving that since the addition of MarkTheShark to the roster, they are one of the strongest teams in NA.