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CCS Playoff Dates Announced

The final stage of both the NA and EU regions of CCS Season 3 will take place on the weekend of September 22nd with $6,000 to be won across the two leagues.

CCS Playoff Dates Announced

CCS Season 3 kicked off almost 4 months ago across the two regions of North America and Europe and now, as each team has played each other twice, the top 4 teams in each region are to compete in a playoff to decide which teams will be taking the CCS titles.


The main CCS region of North America ended the online season with somewhat surprising standings as the ex-Pro League and current Challenger League team of Motiv8 Gaming (previously known as Ronin Esports and Honour Among Thieves) finished down in 3rd place below the underaged team of Disrupt Academy and the SiNister Academy side which, under the org of Hydra Gaming, finished 2nd during Season 2 of NA CCS. Finally, in 4th place, we see a Carnage n Chaos side which has seen a huge number of players play during the season including Geoo, Supr and 3 members of mousesports.

The standings at the end of the Online Season of CCS NA Season 3 via Liquipedia

These seedings will mean the 4 remaining teams will play-off on the following dates (times in EDT):

  • September 22 at 8pm - Sinister Academy vs. Motiv8 Gaming
  • September 22 at 9:30pm - Disrupt vs. Carnage & Chaos
  • September 23 at 8pm - 3rd place match
  • September 23 at 9:30pm - Grand Final (BO5)
The playoff brackets for NA CCS Season 3 via Liquipedia


The EU region has also seen a number of changes in teams, orgs and players but, at the end of the regular season, we saw the Russian squad of Team Empire (previously known as Edenity) take the top seed with the Coupe de France 6th place team of Mock-it Academy come second.

The British side previously known as Method (but will now play under a temporary name since leaving the org) came in a close 3rd place as they were just 10 rounds off of 2nd place while the German team previously known as Planetkey Dynamics, FitnaBoyZ, will play as the fourth seed in the playoffs.

The standings at the end of the Online Season of CCS EU Season 3 via Liquipedia

This will mean the 4 teams in the playoff bracket will represent the 4 different nations of Russia, France, England and Germany and will play off on the following dates:

  • September 22 at 7pm - Team Empire vs. FitnaBoyZ
  • September 22 at 8:30pm - Mock-It Academy vs. Method
  • September 23 at 7pm - 3rd place match
  • September 23 at 8:30pm - Grand Final (BO5)
The playoff brackets for EU CCS Season 3 via Liquipedia

You can catch all these matches right here on the usual CCS Twitch account in 3 weeks time.