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Operation Grim Sky -- New Operators Clash and Maverick

At the Six Major Paris today we got a full look at the new operators that will be introduced next in-game season, Y3S3, in Operation Grim Sky.

Operation Grim Sky -- New Operators Clash and Maverick

To start off, we have Clash, the first shield operator on defence. With her shield, she has the ability to greatly slow down and damage (3hp per taze) the attackers as they push into the site. She also has a P-10C pistol or SPSMG-9 submachine gun available to be picked in the secondary weapon slot.

Unlike other shield operators, Clash cannot use her secondary alongside her shield. Instead, she must switch it out, putting the shield onto her back, though she will still remain as 1 speed - 3 armour regardless. She also comes with the option to use barb wire, or impact grenades in her loadout.

Clash - DEF

The other operator announced is the attacker Maverick, who is the third and newest hard breacher added to the game. What makes Maverick stand out is his ability to near-silently breach, opening small holes in reinforced walls to shoot through. His blow torch is mainly useful for kill holes, however using all of the 5 charges, allows you to make a hole in a wall big enough to enter or open a hatch.

Maverick’s primary weapons are the burst-fire AR-15, and full-auto M4, while he gets an M1911 as his secondary. He also will be able to carry either smoke grenades, or a claymore, and will be rated as a 3 speed - 1 armour operator.

These ops will affect Pro League in different ways. Some teams will be able to use Clash to block late pushes, countering teams such as Vitality, who have the measure twice cut once approach. Such teams may find themselves facing a Clash in the final seconds of the game, which could completely ruin their ability to push.

Maverick - ATK

On the other hand, Maverick can be a key tool in making an early push into key areas of the map that are lightly protected, or if a teammate is causing a ruckus on the other side of the map. This combined with his claymore makes Maverick the perfect op for a solo flank, however he could also work immensely well with Glaz and his thermal scope in making neat kill-holes through reinforced wall, or blackbeard who will remain mostly protected whilst peeking through the holes, a strategy we saw once before with Hibana.

SiegeGG spoke to a freelance caster Sternab, most notably known for OGA PIT, at the Six Major Paris to glean his thoughts on the two new operators, and how he felt the meta would change in Operation Grim Sky.

Both ops are very viable in competitive play, but neither are overpowered. Clash is great at blocking access and forcing teams to readjust, or deal with her, or force them to rotate to another position. Maverick has a great weapon (M4) and he brings smokes which makes him an instant meta pick. His ability is great to take walls which are being Bandit tricked such as the CCTV/Cashroom site on Clubhouse. Not only is it reliable, but it means Thatcher, or a an operator with a grenade, won't be needed to help deny the Bandit.

Operation Grim Sky launches soon, but if you can't wait you can play the new operators and reworked Hereford Base from tomorrow, the 20th of August, on the Technical Test Server.