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Six Major Paris Day 3 -- Obey Hangs on, FaZe Stunned

Catch up on what happened on day three of the Paris Major in the group stage with our quick summary!

Group A: Obey Alliance 2-0 NORA-Rengo

Map: Coastline (6-4), Border (7-5), Villa (not played)

Obey: Skys, Bosco, Benji, Adam, MahMan

NORA-Rengo: Merieux, Wokka, ShiN, JJ, CrazyPapiyoN

Kicking off the day was Obey Alliance once more going up against NORA-Rengo in a rematch from Day 1. The first map, Coastline, was a back and forth between the two teams, but Obey found some momentum and took the win. Border, the second map, seemed to be in favor of NORA-Rengo, who put themselves on map point, but Obey did not let them take the win. Instead, NR let slip an Obey comeback, and thus crashed out of the Paris Major.

Group B: Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 Fnatic

Map: Bank (6-4), Consulate (6-7), Border (6-2)

NiP: Psycho, Kamikaze, pzdd, Wag, JULIO

Fnatic: Acez, RizRaz, Magnet, NeophyteR, Lusty

Fnatic started brightly on Bank, seemingly having learnt the nous of the Ninjas from their Day 1 matchup. However, NiP pulled it back to take the map after some disappointing plays from the Australians. It was on Consulate, though, that things got heated up.

It seemed as if the first map's sequence of events would repeat, with NiP securing match point. This time, however, Fnatic made it to overtime. Both got a round each on the scoreboard and there was all to play for in the final round of overtime. Against the odds, Fnatic pulled through, though, and took it to map three. However, on Border, NiP firmly had the upper hand as they took round after round. Fnatic were able to secure only 2 rounds before falling to the Ninjas, thus ending their Paris Major journey.

Group C: Millenium 2-0 Element Mystic

Map: Border (7-5), Consulate (6-1), Villa (not played)

Millenium: Falko, Renshiro, Liven, Hicks, risze

EM: Neilyo, OniChan, h3dy-, SweetBlack, EnvyTaylor

The game started off poorly for Element Mystic, with Millenium looking unbeatable on Border. They secured round after round and quickly put themselves up 5-1 on map point, but Element Mystic surprised all with a phenomenal comeback and pushed the map into overtime. However, after those four unanswered rounds, Millenium regained their mojo to secure the final two to take the map. The second map, Consulate, was an incredibly dominant performance from Millenium who lost only one round to Element Mystic, thus securing their place in the Quarter Finals.

Group D: FaZe Clan 0-2 Team Secret

Map: Clubhouse (4-6), Consulate (1-6), Oregon (not played)

FaZe: gohaN, Astro, mav, HSnamuringa, cameram4n

Secret: Lacky, LeonGids, meepeY, sTiZze, Elemzje

The concluding game of the group stage saw more great performances as Team Secret sent Faze home. Clubhouse was a close map, with a constant back and forth between the two teams, before the players of Secret stepped and secured a tense 6-4 victory. Consulate, though, was the downfall of FaZe where they managed to win the first round but couldn’t follow up with more, and instead looked defeated in their play. Secret thus made sure they would appear on the main stage on Friday, while FaZe had to continue their wait for a LAN title.


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