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Six Major Paris Day 2 -- G2 Back on Form, Liquid Sent Home

Catch up on what happened on day two of of the Paris Major in the group stage with our quick summary!

Group A: Vitality 2-0 NORA-Rengo

Map: Coastline (6-4), Clubhouse (7-6), Consulate (not played)

Vitality: Zephir, Spark, Biboo, BriD, RaFaLe

NORA-Rengo: Merieux, Wokka, Shin, JJ, CrazyPapiyoN

The matchup between Team Vitality and the number one team in Japan was much closer than the final score of 2-0 for Vitality might suggest. On Coastline, the first map played, Vitality had the upper hand. NORA-Rengo attempted to pull things back, winning rounds in a back and forth, but were not able to take the map. The Japanese seemed to be better than their French opponents on Clubhouse, but Vitality were not discouraged and brought the map to overtime. There, BriD managed to clutch the final round in a 1v3 situation to win the series.

Group A: Team Liquid 0-2 Obey Alliance

Map: Oregon (2-6), Coastline (4-6), Border (not played)

Liquid: Nesk, Bullet, Sexycake, Zig, Psk1

Obey: Skys, Bosco, Benji, Adam, Mahman

In what is perhaps the biggest surprise of the Paris Major so far, Team Liquid -- the Season 7 Pro League winners -- became the first team to go home, getting knocked out after a second loss. Previously having lost to Vitality and now to Obey, Team Liquid simply looked uncomfortable in their play over the two days. Obey, who are currently sitting in last place in the Pro League so far conversely looked very strong in this matchup, much more so than from the day before's game against NORA-Rengo.

Group B: G2 Esports 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas

Map: Clubhouse (6-0), Coastline (6-4), Bank (not played)

G2: Fabian, Pengu, Kantoraketti, Goga and Joonas

NiP: Psycho, Kamikaze, Pzd, Wag, Julio

This was a matchup was between two teams that have faced off on three different occasions prior to the Paris Major. The first meeting was in Season 4, where G2 Esports (then PENTA Sports) beat them 2-1. NiP then struck back and sent G2 home in Season 6's Finals, before G2 returned the favour at the 2018 Six Invitational. This time, the first map played was Clubhouse, where G2 was unrivaled, taking 6 rounds in a row. Although G2 also started Coastline with such a dominance, they experienced a setback when NiP finally managed to win a few rounds of the second map. However, it was not enough to secure the win, and NiP found themselves falling to G2 Esports.

Group B: Mock-it 1-2 Fnatic

Map: Border (3-6), Oregon (6-3), Consulate (2-6)

Mock-it: Revan, Enemy, Panix, Alive, Voy

Fnatic: Acez, RizRaz, Magnet, NeophyteR, Lusty

Straits seemed dire for Fnatic as the match started, with the Australians finding themselves 0-3 down on Border. However, the team collected themselves and won 6 unanswered rounds in stunning fashion to come back for the map win. This strong Border was then followed up a much weaker Oregon, however, with the French Mock-it contingent proving to be much stronger there. Determined to stay in the competition for at least a day longer, Fnatic dominated on the third map, and won this matchup to send Mock-it home.

Group C: Millenium 0-2 Evil Geniuses

Map: Coastline (4-6), Oregon (2-6), Consulate (not played)

Millenium: Falko, Renshiro, Liven, Hicks, Risze

EG: Yung, Necrox, Nvk, BC, Canadian

This match of group stage is a rematch of the Dreamhack Austin 2018 final where Millenium beat EG. While the first map Coastline, was a close game, the second map Oregon was heavily in favor of EG who won both maps and advance to the quarterfinals

Group C: Immortals 1-2 Element Mystic

Map: Border (4-6), Consulate (6-1), Coastine (4-6)

Immortals: Cyb3r, Novys, Yuuk, D1OGO1, One

EM: Neilyo, Onichan, H3DY, SweetBlack, EnvyTaylor

Another surprise during the second day of the Paris Major was from Element Mystic. The third-best team from APAC took down their more illustrious LATAM opponents after a long and hard fight. A close battle on the first map, and domination on Consulate was not enough for Immortals, who ultimately lost the third map and are found themselves out of the Paris Major.

Group D: Rogue 2-1 Faze Clan

Map: Bank (4-6), Clubhouse (6-0), Border (6-2)

Rogue: Slashug, Bryan, Easilyy, Geoo, Ecl9pse

Faze: gohaN, Astro, mav, muringa, cameram4n

Between Rogue and Faze, Rogue was the favorite of this matchup, and rightfully so. The first map started in favor of Rogue who kept holding the lead but Faze managed to fight through and win on Bank. But Faze were not able to keep the momentum. Rogue won the second map in a dominant fashion with a score of 6-0 and the third map where Faze was able to secure only two rounds

Group D: Team Secret 2-0 OrgLess

Map: Clubhouse (6-2), Coastline (6-4), Oregon (not played)

Secret: Lacky, LeonGids, MeepeY, sTiZze, Elemzje

OrgLess: Aceez, Vale, Korey, Ripz, KS

Team Secret got off to a great start, winning the first map of Clubhouse by a 6-2 margin against OrgLess. OrgLess, however, fought back on Coastline, seeming fully in their element. Unwilling to let their German foes take it to a third map, Team Secret showed great strength and eventually won on Coastline, with the entire team performing extremely well over the course of both maps.


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