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The Paris Major - Staff Predictions

We asked our wonderful staff here at SiegeGG for their predictions for next week's Paris Major and found some interesting results.

The Paris Major - Staff Predictions

With the Paris Major taking place just next week the staff here at SiegeGG couldn’t be more excited to watch all the action and, with more teams than ever in with a shot of winning the title, we thought we’d get everyone thoughts on how the tournament will go down.

We polled our staff to see everyone's group stage predictions, ranking each team from 1st to 4th in each group, as well as who they thought the eventual winner would be and found some surprising results:

The Paris Major predictions made by some of our staff.

While only listing a portion of our staff we can see clear favourites across all areas:

Group A

The average SiegeGG predicted position for Group A

Team Liquid, coming of off their Season 7 victory, are by far the favourites with all but one staff member predicting that they’ll win the group, while Obey Alliance trails behind in last place after a very slow Pro League Season so far. There is, however, a competition in the fight for 2nd place with Team Vitality and NORA-Rengo both with a significant number of people behind each team. Vitality, however, as the home favourites and with more experience, edges them out for the second playoff qualification spot.

Group B

The average SiegeGG predicted position for Group B

As the most successful team in the World G2, previously known as PENTA Sports, are the obvious favourites in this otherwise arguably weak group. However, the fight for second place is hotly contested, with all three teams not far off from each other. Fnatic currently tops this fight ahead of Mock-it and NiP, both of whom played each other just last month at DreamHack Valencia (where there was a very close victory for the Ninjas).

Group C

The average SiegeGG predicted position for Group C.

In a similar story to Group A, Evil Geniuses are by far the favourites to make it out of the groups stage, with the Korean side of Element Mystic being the only one out of all 16 who no one believes will make it out of the groups.

Fighting for second place is the current 3th placed EU Pro League team of Millenium, and the 2nd place LATAM Pro League team of Immortals. Interestingly, this only came about after the change which saw Joghurtzz being replaced by Falko, as prior to this Millenium were tied in first with EG. This shows that, in the eyes of the SiegeGG staff, the roster change has hurt Millenium’s chances in the tournament rather than helped them.

Group D

The average SiegeGG predicted position for Group D.

Finally, we have Group D. It is the only one in which the staff couldn't decisively predict the team that will take 1st place. Team Secret and Rogue are the clear favourites, with the slight lead by the British team likely thanks to their victory over Rogue at DreamHack Valencia. Trailing them is a FaZe Clan roster which has only failed to make it to an International LAN Finals once, in Season 4, and an OrgLess roster that saw 2 of their starting 5 players exit the team just two weeks ago.

If the SiegeGG’s Staff predictions are correct this would then take 4 EU, 2 NA, 1 LATAM and 1 APAC team to the knockouts but who does SiegeGG think will win it overall?

SiegeGG’s predicted Paris Major winner count.

G2 are the obvious favourites going into the tournament as they won the last Major in Montreal, and remain undefeated so far in Pro League Season 8. However, as they gained just over ¼ of all predictions -- much less than at previous events -- it’s apparent that new challengers have stepped up to take on the giant that is G2.

Evil Geniuses are the next favourites after coming second at both the 2018 Six Invitational, and at DreamHack Austin, while Team Liquid and Team Secret both see a huge jump in support following their recent title victories.

You can watch the Paris Major when it kicks off on Monday at 9AM CEST across both the usual rainbow6 and the new rainbow6bravo Twitch accounts with the Grand Finals on Sunday. You can also join in with the predictions by tweeting who you think will win the tournament using the #SiegeGGParisPredicts!