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Millenium Benches Joghurtzz, Will Use Stand-in at Paris

The French squad Millenium has decided to bench long-time member Nolan “Joghurtzz” Crouzery, and the team will play with Falko at the upcoming Paris Major.

Joghurtzz is a long-standing member of the Millenium roster, dating back to the Yunktis squad who were the the Season 2 Pro League champions.  He played alongside now-former teammate Renshiro as well as Falko, Sixquatre, and spokeN. 

Yunktis, the champions of Pro League Season 2.

Since then, Joghurtzz has remained a staple of the French squad as one of the oldest active members of the team.  In March of 2017, the roster was acquired by Millenium and Joghurtzz would play alongside sTiZze, Liven, Renshiro, and Sixquatre.  


In more recent times, Millenium has impressed with showings at the Season 7 Pro League Finals where they advanced to the Semi-Finals, and a victory at DreamHack Austin 2018. They will now move on to the Paris Major, but leave one man behind.

Millenium at DH Austin
Millenium took home the DreamHack Austin title earlier this year.

The team has decided to bench their long-time player Joghurtzz, meaning that he will not be joining the squad at the Paris Major.  With limited time left until the event, he will be replaced by a stand-in.  Joghurtzz’s departure from the team is not-performance related, a source tells SiegeGG, but rather due to internal issues in the team.  

Millenium currently holds the third position on the standings, and is very much in contention to earn a spot at the Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro.  This roster move may, however, affect their chances as they will have to bring a new player into the team.

[UPDATE]: Millenium has now announced that Falko will be joining the team, a player who dates back to their time as Yunktis.  


Their roster is now as follows:

France Gael “Liven” Gruyere

France Olivier “Renshiro” Vandroux

France Théophile “Hicks” Dupont

 Valentin “risze” Liradelfo

France Vincent "Falko" Baucino

 Laurent “Crapelle” Patriarche (Coach)

France Armand “Tapis” Haye (Manager)