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Neptunez Leaves Mousesports

A few moments ago, Scott “Neptunez” Webber announced that he has parted ways with North American team mousesports.

In what comes as surprising news, Neptunez announced via Twitter that he had left Mouz due to “things not going according to plan for the past couple of months”.


Neptunez has played with the mousesports roster since S6, where the team came in 2nd in North America (NA) and participated in the Sao Paulo S6 LAN Finals, where they lost against Black Dragons (6-4, 5-0). 

This first half of the season Neptunez was the fourth-best performer in his team according to statistics -- he had a 0.86 K/D with 38 kills and 44 deaths, had the most plants on his team (6), and mostly played Hibana and Smoke.

Scott “Neptunez” Webber will be looking to join a team after the Paris Major. Meanwhile, Terrel "England" Lee is replacing Neptunez for the US Nationals game against Noble Esports today. 


The mousesports roster now looks like these: 

 Joshua “Vandal” Diaz

 Franklyn “VertcL” Cordero

 Jared “Beastly” Medeiros

 Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis

 Julian “Morxzas” Miculcy (Coach)