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Meet bor: The Coach of FaZe

We spoke to Thiago “bor” Borinelli, the coach of FaZe Clan, to discuss the team’s recent performance in Pro League as well as their upcoming Paris Major appearance.

bor previously played from Seasons 4 to 6 of the Latin American Pro League initially on BRK e-Sports and then on Merciless Gaming with little success before replacing Silence as a coach for FaZe Clan last month


Since joining, FaZe has had mixed results and currently sits in 4th place after 6 Pro League playdays with the mid-season break and the Paris Major coming up.

We spoke to bor to ask about the team’s results so far as well as their Paris Major preparation:

Firstly can you explain what you do for the FaZe Clan roster?

I'm a coach. Coach always prepare people to do the best. But not their best, because there is a big difference between your best and the best that is possible. Every day we solve problems with communication, tactics and behaviours in and out of the game. We create a schedule to scrim, sleep, fun, study, relationships and others. It's always important to plan a season.

You only recently joined the team just before Season 8 of Pro League began. How did you get this opportunity and what was it like transferring from a player to a coach?

gohaN talked with me in May and showed me the problems on the team, I feel prepared to help and accepted. It's a difficult decision, but when you work to make the best for the others besides you, the success happens, no matter the place you are, player or coach.

So far in Pro League, your team has lost against the underdogs of Team oNe and BootKamp Gaming; how exactly did this happen?

The two loses by FaZe Clan so far during Season 8 of Pro League via Liquipedia

They are not underdogs in my opinion. They are a team like any other. When you prepare yourself to a battle, you have a chance to win and lose. This season makes a big change in the game. This new meta and our new way to work need time to equalize. The great teams have been being surprised.  Lion plus Dokkaebi is an example that can counter the most skilled players. They stay 100% spotted and immobile.

We’ve almost reached the halfway stage of Season 8 of Pro League and you’re in 4th position; are you pleased with your performance so far?

The current Pro League LATAM standings with FaZe Clan highlighted

Yes, I am. But, this not means that I agree with that. We had a lot to overcome since the beginning and we work every day to stay on the top.

Outside of Pro League, the OGA Pit tournament also showed shock results throughout with the finals being between BootKamp Gaming and paiN Gaming; what would you say has led to the apparent jump in form from these underdogs?

They deserve it. We try to improve our play in this tournament, to know more about new meta, communication, tactical changes, explore pick and bans and bring this to main championships.

The One Game Agency (OGA) Pit LATAM grand final results via Liquipedia
Team oNe has also been a standout team so far this season surprising everyone and is now sitting in 2nd place in Pro League; were FaZe expecting such a strong showing from them going into the season?

Yes, we were. They play a little bit different from other teams. They are very versatile. In this game specifically, we had more tactical problems than being surprised.

Looking forward towards the Paris Major, FaZe Clan has drawn in a “group of death” with  Rogue, IDK and OrgLess, three extremely strong teams. Are you happy with your group and how do you think you will fair in it?

Yes, I am. It will be a difficult championship. And I think that God just puts in front of you what you are prepared to overcome. We are going to win.

The groupings for the Paris Major group stage

Finally, what preparations are you making in the lead up to these games?

Training with the best teams at boot camp, improve every day, correcting mistakes, behaviours and above all, to plan, to work and believe in each win.

FaZe Clan’s next game is against Black Dragons, the last placed team in Pro League, this coming Monday before a 2-week gap leading up to the Six Major in Paris. You can watch this game on all the usual sources from 8PM BRT.