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Trouble in OrgLess - 2 Players to Leave Due to Internal Conflicts

OrgLess lose 2 of their teammates because of disagreements about organisations.

During the last EU playday of Phase 1 S8 Pro League we saw the usual players of Hungry and PARAA replaced by Vale and the teams coach Lazzo. This alone raised many questions in the Siege community. Following the conclusion of the game in which Orgless beat Supremacy 6-3, PARAA and Hungry both sent out some ominous tweets.  



The following day PARAA confirmed his departure from the team in a statement.


Today Lazzo released the statement from the Orgless team, telling the other side of the story.


The statements breaks down that the team had 2 offers made to them, one for more money but from an organisation that was untrusted by other members of the team, the second option was a lower offer but had a seemingly more trustworthy organisation behind it. The team however couldn’t agree on which org to go with, therefore threats were made to leave the team from KS, Hungry, and PARAA. In the end, however, KS will stay with the team.

What happens now however is unclear, as it seems from a later tweet by PARAA that Hungry will remain on the roster until the Paris Major, whether or not he will play remains to be seen. We must also take into account that now that the split in the team has fully splintered away, will we see the same organisation want to pick them up? As the lack of cohesion may give potential orgs cold feet. It’s likely we will see Vale remain on the main roster for the time being but, after a poor performance on Friday and Lazzo admitting that the team are now in a worse place than before, it’s likely we’ll see upcoming changes to the roster.



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