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EU Day 7: Chaos Surprises, PENTA Commands

Catch up on what happened in Day 7 of European Pro League.

Game 1: Chaos 6 - 2 Mock-It Esports  

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Map: Clubhouse

Chaos: Secretly, Renuilz, Snooken, Kripps and Redgroove

Mock-It: Panix, Enemy, Revan, Alive and Voy


This match was heavily in favour of Mock-It as they have had 2 wins in a row while Chaos hasn’t been able to take a win in this first half of the season.  Going into Clubhouse, Chaos banned Dokkaebi and Echo, Glaz and Mira were removed by Mock-It. With Chaos able to take their 5 defensive rounds, Mock-It was out of the run for the 3 points. In the end, they were only able to take 2 rounds before Chaos closed the game in a decisive fashion. This is Chaos’ first win of the 7th but they remain in seventh place while Mock-It even though they lost remain strong in 5th place with 9 points.


Game 2: Supremacy 3  - 6 Orgless 

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Map: Border

Sy: Djuz, Anthrax, Ksiix, Kriisko and Alphama

Orgless: KS, Paraa, Ripz, Hungry and AceeZ


Starting things on Border, OrgLess removed Lion and Maestro with Supremacy banning Glaz and Mira. OrgLess approached these game with 2 changes in their starting line-up, Lazzo and Vale replace Hungry and Paraa because of some “internal issues”. The Germans would have a strong first half taking 4 of their defence rounds. Sy tried to bring things back making the round count 3-4 but OrgLess wouldn’t let the comeback live and they’d take the last 2 round and the 3 points despite the 2 changes in their line-up. OrgLess finds themselves back in the top half of the standings while Supremacy remains last.


Game 3: Team Vitality 4 - 6 I Don’t Know

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Map: Bank

Vitality: Biboo, Rafale, Zephir, Spark and Brid

IDK: Meepey, Lacky, LeonGids, Elemzje and StizZe


In this rematch from the DreamHack Valencia final, the teams brought things back to that 2nd map in the finals: Bank. IDK banned Glaz and Mira while Vitality banned Lion and Echo. While it definitely looked in IDK’s favour,  Vitality wouldn’t let the odds lead them and after finding themselves in a 1-3 deficit they would bring it back to a 4-3 lead, 1 round away of securing the tie. But IDK would prove once again why they are a top team in their region and bringing things back with some amazing Jackal plays from LeonGids, IDK found the 3 points and their way back to the Top 2 in EU. 


Game 4: Millenium 2  - 6 PENTA Sports

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Map: Coastline

Mill: Liven, Renshiro, Risze, Joghurtzz and Hicks

PENTA: Fabian, Pengu, Kantoraketti, Goga and Joonas


The fight between the 2 best teams in the region last season brought us to the Velvet Shell DLC map: Coastline. Starting the ban phase, PENTA banned, Lion, to which Millenium took away Glaz and Maestro, PENTA finished things up by banning Mira.  PENTA’s first half started rocky with Mil taking the first round, but quickly after PENTA would take their 4 remaining rounds of the half leading into Millennium's defence. The French were able to take 1 more round before PENTA took the 3 points.



These are the standings for EU Pro League after the first half of the season:


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