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LATAM Day 6: FaZe upsets Liquid, NiP falters again

Catch up on what happened in Day 6 of Latin American Pro League

Game 1: Team Liquid 4 - 6 FaZe Clan  

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Map: Consulate


TL: Nesk,Bullet, Zig, Psk1 and S3xyCake

FaZe: Gohan, Astro, Cameram4n, Mav and Muringa


To start off the days matches FaZe would ban Lion and Echo while Liquid removed Blitz and Valkyrie. Unfortunately a good portion of this match was missed due to difficulties with the english stream rebroadcast. However in the rounds we were able to see, FaZe looked consistent which gives them a much needed win to keep them in a solid space in the standings. A full statistics graphic is currently unavailable, but you can see all the numbers at the match page linked above.


Game 2: BootKamp Gaming  3 - 6 Immortals

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Map: Coastline


BKG: Dudds, Sseiiya, Mking, Lipezord and Intact

IMT: Novyz, D1ogo1, Cyb3r, One and Px


In our second match Bootkamp would start with IQ and Vigil bans while IMT banned Blitz and Mira. This matchup was pretty favorable for IMT, and Novys especially, who would have yet another double digit kill performance. BKG had a somewhat difficult time solidifying their team comps given the operators that were banned, often times seeming that they had banned themselves out. With some ban phase improvements they could certainly bounce back and make a good case for at least 3rd/4th this season.



Game 3: Team oNe Esports 6 - 2 Black Dragons

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Map: Consulate


oNe: Panico, Gdnn1, Iblackz, Ion and Hugzord

BD: Lev1, Docky, Rdz, Drunkz and Slash


Moving to our third match of the day, Black Dragons would ban Ying and Maestro while Team oNe banned out Lion and Echo. TO started slow and seemed to have trouble organizing a successful site push in the first couple rounds. After trading their first half on attack 3-2, they would go on to sweep BD on their defensive side for a final score of 6-2, with Ion leading at 9 kills and just 4 deaths. Black Dragons is still looking for their first win, and with NiP finding success against BootKamp last week, the 8th place auto-relegation spot is looming over their heads.




Game 4: PaiN Gaming 6 - 3 Ninjas in Pyjamas

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Map: Club House


PaiN: Yoona,  Spawnsss, FK1, GCR and Revo1tz

NiP: Psycho, Kamikaze, Julio, Pzd and Wag


In the final matchup PaiN Gaming banned out Montagne and Echo, NiP removed Dokkaebi and Mira. This game would start out very evenly matched with the first two rounds ending nearly flawlessly for each team. PaiN showed their proficiency in defending the upstairs bomb sites, with gCR and fk1 holding strong together, and they never actually chose to leave the top floor. After taking their defensive side 3-2, they would go on to only give up one more round in their attack, and take the map 6-3.



Be sure to catch Day 7 of Latin American Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels on July 30th at 7 pm BRT, 6 pm EDT and 12 am CEST. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.