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EU Day 6: Mock-it Dominates, PENTA's Winning Streak Ends

Catch up on what happened in Day 6 of European Pro League.

EU Day 6: Mock-it Dominates, PENTA's Winning Streak Ends

Game 1: I don’t know 5-5 Millenium

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Map: Villa


IDK: Meepey, Lacky, LeonGids, Elemzje and StizZe

Millenium: Liven, Renshiro, Risze, Joghurtzz and Hicks


First game of the day brought us to Villa, where Millenium banned Dokkaebi and Pulse, while IDK decided to ban Glaz and Mira. IDK was believed to win with 65% of the community votes. But with Millenium winning their first three defensive rounds, showed a more favored matchup for the French. IDK not giving up that easily, managed to fight back and get two rounds before switching sides. M putting themselves on match point seemed to be able to take the win, but IDK responded taking one more round. The final round with M in match point, seemed to go in favor of the French after leaving Elejm in a 1v2, at the end Elejm managed to clutch in the last seconds of the round making it a draw.


Game 2: Mock-it 6-2 Supremacy

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Map: Bank


Mock-it: Panix, Enemy, Revan, Alive and Voy

Supremacy: Djuz, Anthrax, Ksiix, Kriisko and Alphama


Mock-it banned Lion and Echo, while Supremacy banned Hibana and Mira for this matchup. Supremacy standing currently at the bottom of EU Pro League, struggled on both attack and defence, and were not able to secure more than two rounds against Mock-it who seemed very confident on Bank


Game 3: OrgLess 6:3 Chaos

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Map: Coastline


Chaos: Secretly, Renuilz, Snooken, Kripps and Redgroove

Orgless: KS, Paraa, Ripz, Hungry, Aceez


The third game of the day started with OrgLess banning the first attacker Lion, followed by Chaos banning Ying. First defender unsurprisingly banned was Mira by Chaos, which was followed by a Maestro ban from OrgLess. With a score of 5:1 on match point in favor for OrgLess it seemed to be already won, but Chaos fighting back managed to secure two rounds before losing the match.


Game 4: PENTA 5-5 Vitality

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Map: Oregon


PENTA: Fabian, Pengu, Kantoraketti, Goga and Joonas

Vitality: Biboo, Brid, RaFaLe, Spark, Zephir


The most anticipated game of the day had finally arrived. PENTA banning both Navy Seal operators, Blackbeard and Valkyrie, and Vitality banning Glaz and Echo, left Mira surprisingly on the board. But Mira not being banned was not the only surprise in this matchup. Vitality took the first two rounds with relative ease, and PENTA responded with taking their two rounds. With some very poor coordinated attack rounds of PENTA, the score quickly went 5:3 in favor of Vitality. But PENTA quickly following up were able to secure those last two rounds ending this match in a draw, making this the first game PENTA did not win so far in season 8 of Pro League.


These are the standings for EU Pro League after 6 games:

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