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EU Day 4: Surprises from Supremacy and Mock-it

Catch up on what happened in Day 4 of European Pro League.

EU Day 4: Surprises from Supremacy and Mock-it

Game 1: I Don’t Know 5 - 5 Supremacy
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Map: Coastline

IDK: Meepey, Lacky, LeonGids, Elemzje and StizZe
Sy: Djuz, Anthrax, Ksiix, Kriisko and Alphama

The first game of the 4th EU play day looked like it could have been very one sided. IDK who started on attack managed to bring the score to 4 rounds to 1. However, with Coastline being a very attacking favoured map, Supremacy was able to even out the score line.

Game 2: Millenium 3 - 6 Mock-It Esports
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Map: Oregon

Mill: Liven, Renshiro, Risze, Joghurtzz and Hicks
Mock-It: Panix, Enemy, Revan, Alive and Voy

With Millennium being an EU power house and Mock-it yet to score a single point this season this game should have been yet another easy one. During the game Millennium played a very sloppy game in which Mock-it capitalized and scored their first win of the season.

Game 3: PENTA Sports 6 - 2 Chaos
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Map: Oregon

PENTA: Fabian, Pengu, Kantoraketti, Goga and Joonas
Chaos: Secretly, Renuilz, Snooken, Kripps and Redgroove

After coming off a hard time at DreamHack Valencia Penta walked into this match with fresh heads and continued their dominant streak. Chaos being a strong line up didn’t go down easy, however, they where no match for the well oiled machine. Chaos still hasn’t been able to find a win this season.

Game 4: Team Vitality 4 - 6 Orgless
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Map: Villa

Vitality: Biboo, Rafale, Zephir, Spark and Brid
Orgless: KS, Paraa, Ripz, Hungry and Aceez

In what turned out to be the most exciting game of the night, Vitality and Orgless brought us to Villa. Vitality looked strong coming off of an excellent run at DreamHack where Orgless failed to make it out of groups. Ultimately Vitality continued with their last second pushes which arguably once again cost them the game.

These are the standings for EU Pro League after 4 games:

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