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Dev Blog: Match Filtering, Finally! Plus Colorful Stats

A couple of new features, including filters to make it easier to find matches.

Hey everyone, I’m Dohnutt, a front-end dev working on SiegeGG. Today I’m announcing a couple of quality-of-life features.

As the number of matches—both upcoming and past— listed on SiegeGG expands, we’ve found that it can be easy to lose your place. A day or two of matches can push a match out of view, making it hard to find.

To solve this issue, we’ve added the ability to dynamically filter matches. At the moment, users are able to filter by league/competition, region, season, and team. You can also look for matches between 2 specific teams by entering both in to the team search field. In the future we hope to add more filter options, including the ability to find matches within a specified date range.

The second feature we launched is for the much-loved player stats table, which can be found on match pages. You’ll now find explanatory tooltips by hovering over the column headers, and colour-coded cells that help give context to our stats.

Labelled column headers and colour-coded cells


These two small, but important features have been on our to-do list since launch and they should offer big improvements to the user experience. Both were a team collaboration between @Kev, @Chrispe, and myself. As always, we welcome feedback in our discord server, so please stop by!

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