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LATAM Day 4: NiP Ties Liquid, Black Dragons Fall Again

Catch up on what happened in Day 4 of Season 8 Pro League in Latin America.

LATAM Day 4: NiP Ties Liquid, Black Dragons Fall Again

Game 1: Black Dragons  0 - 6 BootKamp Gaming  


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Map: Consulate


BD: Lev1, Docky, Rdz, Drunkz and Slash

BKG: Dudds, Sseiiya, Mking, Lipezord and Intact


After a decent showing against Immortals in day 3, Black Dragons hunted for their first victory against BootKamp Gaming. BD would ban Blackbeard and Vigil while BootKamp removed Lion and Mira. Bootkamp has now solidified their spot in the middle of the standings, however with this 6-0 defeat Black Dragons is now tied in win record and round differential for last place with NiP.



Game 2: FaZe Clan 6 - 2 PaiN Gaming


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Map: Clubhouse


FaZe: Gohan, Astro, Cameram4n, Mav and Muringa

PaiN: Yoona,  Spawnsss, FK1, GCR and Revo1tz


FaZe Clan showed their strength this week against PaiN with a decisive victory on Clubhouse. PaiN removed Thatcher and gave us our second Vigil ban of the evening, while FaZe took away Dokkaebi and Smoke. PaiN moves to a dangerous spot in the standings with this loss, as the only team with 1 win they stand between a tightly contested top end of the region and the 7th/8th tie of NiP and BD.


Game 3: Team oNe Esports 4 - 6 Immortals


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Map: Coastline


oNe: Panico, Gdnn1, Iblackz, Ion and Hugzord

IMT: Novyz, D1ogo1, Cyb3r, One and Px


With his third double digit kill performance of the season, Novys helped carry Immortals past Team oNe to give them sole possession of third place. Team oNe banned Blackbeard and Echo with IMT taking away the Zofia and Mira. Team oNe put up a solid team performance with a good amount of opening kills but could not contain the monster of Novys with a 14-4 scoreline. With PaiN Gaming in their sights for Day 5, IMT looks to continue their momentum and overtake 2nd place from FaZe.


Game 4: Team Liquid 5 - 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas


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Map: Oregon


TL: Nesk, Bullet, Zig, Psk1 and S3xyCake

NiP: Psycho, Kamikaze, Julio, Pzd and Wag


In our final match of the day we would get a surprising tie as NiP finally looked back in form to give Liquid a run for their money. NiP would ban the ever dangerous Blitz to great effect, along with the Echo, as Liquid banned Glaz and Vigil. Psycho went large today with a 13-7 scoreline, and unfortunately for Liquid, Nesk couldn’t do it all himself. Bullet managed to grab 4 opening kills in this match and while Psk couldn’t find his way to the slaying department, he would still find his worth in planting the defuser to support his team. NiP needs to grab onto any kind of momentum they can in order to break free from the bottom standings, and going up against BootKamp next week gives them an opportunity to propel themselves into contention.


These are the new standings for Latin American Pro League after 4 games:



Be sure to catch Day 5 of Latin American Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels at 7 pm BRT and 6 pm EST. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.