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EU Day 3: Penta and IDK Fight For 1st Place

Catch up on what happened on the third Season 8 Pro League play day in Europe.

EU Day 3: Penta and IDK Fight For 1st Place

Game 1: Penta 6 - 4 Mock-it

Map: Border
Penta: Goga, Fabian, Joonas, Pengu, Kanto
Mock-it: Panix, Enemy, Revan, Voy, Alive



For our first match of the day Penta and Mock-it would trade victories on Border in another tough match for the Invitational champions. Penta had banned Ying and Lesion for this game while Mock-it removed Glaz and Mira.

Mock-it would draw first blood here from the help of Panix, who found the opening kill in the first 5 rounds of play, with 7 opening kills overall. Round 2 saw a defuser plant go down with just 12 seconds remaining, and while Enemy nearly clutched a 1v2 to defend it, Goga would find the kill to tie the game 1-1. In round 4 Goga once again would pick up a victory for his team with a 4k, but Mock-it would take back the lead going into the side switch.

From here on out Penta would only lose one attacking round. Round 7 we saw a few runout kills traded back and forth and a Revan 3k with Pulse to put the score 4-3 in Mock-its favor. Two rounds later Kanto found himself in a 1v2 needing to get the defuser planted. Able to find one kill the plant went down with 20 seconds left, and then he was able to find the remaining Smoke to give Penta their first lead that they would not relinquish.

While the scores from their past couple games may be close, Penta still looks to be one of the strongest teams in the world. Mock-it has however definitely shown some life in their attempt to break through the bottom of the standings, and with only playing 3 very strong teams so far they should definitely be able to recover as the season progresses.


Game 2: Vitality 6 - 2 Supremacy

Map: Oregon
Vitality: Rafale, Biboo, Zephir, Spark, Brid
Supremacy: Djuz, Anthrax, Ksiix, Kriisko, Alphama



In a battle for France with two long standing European organizations Vitality and Supremacy would battle it out on Oregon. Vitality would start us off with our second Ying ban of the day followed up by Mute, while Supremacy banned Hibana and Mira.

Supremacy would take their first win in round 2 where they found themselves in a 4v1 against Zephir’s Echo. He was able to take one player down before the defuser could be planted, and after the timer began we were brought down to a 1v1, but to no avail as time would run out before Zephir was able to complete his objective. Round 3 came down to the wire as Anthrax tried to plant the defuser on the washing machine with time expiring. Brid, after getting a kill near the construction tunnel rotated through the hallway to find the 2 kills he needed onto Ksiix and Anthrax to give Vitality the win. They would follow this up with a few more strong rounds until round 7 where Anthrax, stuck in a 1v2 with time expiring, was able to C4 the planter underneath the floor and give Supremacy another win. Round 8 however would be their demise, in a 5v5 with just 30 seconds remaining kills would be traded back and forth, the defuser planted, and Vitality would clean up giving them a 6-2 victory.

Vitality looked confident against this rosters former organization and they stay on the heels of Penta and IDK in the current standings. With Supremacy’s new entry into the pro league they have had a rough go of things so far, but with some consistency in performance they are looking to break away from their current 7th/8th tie with Mock-it.


Game 3: IDK 6 - 4 Orgless

Map: Oregon
IDK: Meepey, Elemzje, Lacky, Leongids, Stizze
Orgless: KS, Paraa, Ripz, Hungry, Aceez



Orgless started this out similarly to Mock-it in our first match of the day, but once again the higher seeded team was able to mount a comeback to 6-4. IDK chose to give us yet another Ying and Mira ban, followed up by Orgless removing Thatcher and Echo.

Starting in round 3 with IDK defending the basement, a well placed mute jammer would halt the Orgless push into laundry room. Trying to fight their way down the stairs to rid themselves of this obstruction, Leon would find a kill onto Paraa’s IQ, and Orgless would call off the push to find another means of entry. Hungry would remain on this side of the map to not let IDK completely turn their backs and he would get 2 kills for it. Stizze would respond and then Elemzje would follow him up with a 2k of his own, regardless of one of them being his own teammate, Stizze. In the confusion Ripz would find the final kill onto Elemzje and give Orgless the round.

Round 4 would be nearly as close in a 5v5 with 30 seconds remaining. Plant goes down as Orgless gains the advantage in a 3v2. Lacky rotates from above to leave Meepey in a 1v2 but he is unable to clutch giving us a 3-1 score. Orgless would go on to win the next as well, getting them a 4-1 advantage but IDK would have no more of that. After a relatively decisive comeback, round 9 would once again give us a 5v5 with about 45 seconds left. Smokes would prevent the defuser plant from Stizze, but just barely fade away as Elemzje was able to follow his teammate to stick the plant. Quick kill trades from both sides left KS in a 1v2 and while he was able to down both attackers there was a slight confusion on where the defuser was planted and IDK escaped with the victory.

Round 10 saw yet another late site push that all started with Meepey and Leon stuck in a 2v4 with less than 1 minute remaining. Defuser was stuck in armory being held by the defense and the pair had to fight their way through to get themselves to a 2v2 with defuser in hand. With a call to rotate through the construction tunnel the defense was caught off guard and Vigil was left in a 1v2 forced to rotate from classroom upstairs to try and clutch to give his team a tie. Having complete control of the site, Meepey was ready and waiting and IDK solidified their 1st place tie with Penta.

Orgless looked very strong in this matchup getting a lot of rounds down to the wire, but once they lost momentum to the side switch they were unable to recover. IDK however has continued their dominance stretching from back in Challenger League and doesn’t look interested in stopping anytime soon.


Game 4: Millenium 6 - 3 Chaos

Map: Consulate
Millenium: Liven, Renshiro, Hicks, Joghurtzz, Risze
Chaos: Renuilz, Secretly, Kripps, Redgroove, Snooken



Our final match of the day brought us to Consulate where Risze would lead Millenium to victory on a strong 15-3 performance. Mil would go on to ban Thermite and Valkyrie, while Chaos banned Blackbeard and Maestro.

The match started with a wild Caveira 6th pick out of Liven however a long roam with her wouldn’t pay off as he was left in a 4v1 with defuser planted. In round 4 Redgroove would find a beautiful opening kill through the floor in the garage onto Hicks to remove the Smoke early. Risze then picks up a 2k for himself as time passes the 1 minute mark with Secretly quickly trading a pair back. WIth 30 seconds remaining, Chaos would go for a plant at the white van and Risze would respond with a C4 kill on the planter, and two more with his vector to find the ace to tie the match 2-2.

Risze would carry his momentum into the following round starting it off with a spawn peek onto Secretly’s IQ and another later kill onto Zofia pushing into objective. Chaos would end up with a 2v3 post plant here but under pressure from Millenium they would fall. Switching to attack Millenium found their footing only letting round 6 fall into the hands of Chaos. Renuilz was left in a 1v2 with about 1 minute left but was able to find a kill onto the IQ. Liven, who was left with very little health was able to get the defuser planted in the kitchen but Renuilz read him like a book and got an easy destruction of the defuser. Round 8 went down to a 2v2 and the defuser being planted in the lobby as time expired. Renshiro would find Snooken but Redgroove trades it back from above to leave us in a 1v1. Risze however was able to back all the way up to the main gates and watch an angle with his acog to easily pick off the Echo.

This followed up by a flawless round from Millenium leaves them at 2-1 on the season and tied in 3rd/4th with Vitality. They will face off next against a Mock-it team who is hungry for their first win, while Chaos looks forward to a dangerous Penta.


Catch the next round of European games after a bye week on the 19th of July on the main Rainbow Six Twitch and YouTube channels from 7PM CEST. To see all the upcoming games’ schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games’ stats by clicking on the individual games.