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LATAM Day 3: Liquid remains unbeaten, NiP woes continue

Catch up on what happened in day 3 of Season 8 Pro League in Latin America.

LATAM Day 3: Liquid remains unbeaten, NiP woes continue

Game 1: Team Liquid 6 - 2 Pain Gaming

Map: Villa

TL: Nesk, Bullet, Zig, Psk1, Sexycake
Pain: Spawnsss, Fk1, Gcr, Revo1tz, Yoonah


Team Liquid came out swinging in day 3 as they extended their lead in the Latin American standings against Pain Gaming. The two teams brought us to Villa after bans of Border and Oregon, then Consulate and Coastline from Liquid and Pain respectively. TL chose to ban Finka and Echo here, while Pain went towards Blitz and Mira.


Pain got off to a good start with a Yoonah 4k to give them a round 1 victory but Liquid would quickly take control with a multitude of kills from Nesk. In both rounds 2 and 3 he would pick up 3 kills and then another 2 in round 4. Pain would finally respond before the side switch with an fk1 ace to make it 3-2 in favor of TL.


That however was the last victory that Pain would see, with Nesk picking up yet another 3k in round 6, and then S3xyCake helping out in round 7 to give TL a flawless win. The deciding round 8 came down to the wire as we found ourselves in a 2v2 with just 5 seconds remaining. Bullet picked up 2 kills as he made his way into the bomb site and then with psk1 planting at 0 seconds, Bullet finshed off the last player for his 3rd kill of the round and a match win for his team.

Game 2: Team One 6 - 3 BootKamp Gaming

Map: Border

T1: Panico, Gdnn1, Iblackz, Ion, Hugzord
BKG: Intact, Paluh, Lipezord, Mking, Dudds



Team oNe solidified their second spot in the standings with their win today against BootKamp. This matchup brought us to Border where T1 banned Thermite and Maestro while BKG removed Hibana and Mute.


The double hard breacher ban threw this game on its head showing that T1 was ready and waiting. They came out strong, flawlessly winning their defensive side, with strong performances all around and a couple shining moments from Ion and Panico to put them on match point.


At the side switch however BKG began to show some life. With about 1 minute remaining they had a 5v3 advantage, and although the defuser was planted under cover of smoke, GdNN1 was left in a 1v3 and could not defend the plant. In round 7 Paluh picked up a 2k to solidify their second win, and then in round 8 GdNN1 was left in yet another 1v3 shortening T1’s lead to 5-3. They would however recover in a decisive round 9 victory giving them a final score of 6-3.


Game 3: FaZe Clan 6 - 1 Ninjas in Pajamas

Map: Border

FaZe: Gohan, Cameram4n, Muringa, Astro, Mav
NiP: Psycho, Kamikaze, Julio, Pzd, Wag


FaZe were back in form against an NiP squad that is looking to find a spark here in the early part of the season. Taking Border in dominating fashion they banned Glaz and Valkyrie while NiP banned Dokkaebi and Jager.


The match would start 2-0 in favor of FaZe with Gohan utilizing Sledges’ shotgun for a 2k to defend the planted defuser in round 2. NiP would fight back in the next round, Julio had a nice defense of the armory wall by bandit tricking one of the exothermic charges and then picking up a kill through an open mirror. The attackers however wouldn’t be FaZed by this as they went on to sweep the rest of the match.


After the side switch however the rounds were close. In round 6 a well placed C4 would stop the attempted Ying push and force a 15 second site rush as Muringa was able to pick up a 2k to end the round on time. Then in round 7, play stagnated in a 4v4 until with about 30 seconds left kills were traded by both sides very quickly, ending up in a FaZe victory.

Game 4: Immortals 6 - 4 Black Dragons

Map: Oregon

IMT: Novys, D1ogo1, Cyb3r, One, Yuuk
BD: Lev1, Docky, Rdz, Drunkz, Slash



In one of the greatest individual performances we’ve seen in Rainbow 6 pro competition, Novys led his team to a 6-4 victory on Oregon with a staggering 17 kills and just 5 deaths. For operator bans IMT removed Lion and Doc while BD chose Thatcher and Mira.


IMT would start out on defense where BD was able to get early picks on both Smoke and Jager, and even though BD had a player disconnect, they still had a man advantage and took the round. Immortals would soon pick up the pace and go on to win 5 straight rounds thanks to Novys aforementioned domination. Round 4 he would pick up 4 kills in under 30 seconds during his rotation back to site, and then in round 6 after the side switch, he would get a round ending 3k increasing his score to 14-1.


Round 7 started BD’s recovery however when a mute jammer denied IMT’s entry into the laundry room. With only 20 seconds remaining BD was able to hold off with C4 and smokes. The next round in dorms Yuuk was able to plant in a 1v3 with time running out but before he could rotate downstairs and protect his defuser, BD had claimed the round. With round 9 BD were looking to build into a potential tie on their defense of tower. A very late site push from IMT had them in a 2v1 with time expiring. The defuser was being planted with Drunkz still in the site and before oNe could finish typing Drunkz was able to steal the round and let the match continue. The final round however was decisive in favor of Immortals. IMT pushed into the laundry room under heavy smoke cover and were able to get the bomb down with a 4v2 in their favor. Finishing out this match with Novys ending 17-5, Immortals now sits in 4th place, facing off next week against Team oNe for a potential jump in standings.



Catch the next round of Latin American games after a bye week on July 17th on the main Rainbow Six Twitch and YouTube channels from 7PM BRT. To see all the upcoming games’ schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games’ stats by clicking on the individual games.