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Obey Drops Gurmy, Re-signs Benji

Obey's player Bosco has now officially confirmed a roster change originally made public by Supr involving Benji returning to his old side.

Obey has decided to drop Gurmy, which will probably come as a surprise to many as his long tenure with MahMan will now come to an end. The two have been on teams together for almost the entire history of the Rainbow 6 Siege Pro League, getting their first major win with the North American title in Season 4 of Pro League.


The news was made public as part of some Twitter drama kicked up by Supr, with whom Benji had been on Elephant Gang, who implied that Skys had unilaterally made the decision to drop Gurmy.


Bosco, a player for Obey, was unhappy with the allegations, and responded with a Twitlonger detailing all that had happened, including some accusations involving sharing scrim VODs.

It is unknown at the moment whether or not Gurmy will be joining another team, but his replacement is no stranger to this organization.

Benji started his journey with Obey as they acquired the former eRa Eternity roster where he was a substitute. With the acquisition, Snake_Nade moved to a coaching role and Benji was put as a starter. Things were changed relatively quickly however when nearly 2 months later, Benji and Krazy were dropped for Skys and Adam.

Benji will now join his former replacements and will look to give this team a spark after their week 1 loss to Evil Geniuses. 

To round out the changes, Challenger League hopefuls Elephant Gang will bring on Ghxst to replace Benji. Ghxst comes in with previous Challenger league experience, having played for Ambition Esports in Season 6, and then Disrupt Gaming in Season 7. That Disrupt roster also competed at DreamHack Austin where they defeated current Pro League teams Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses.

Their roster now is as follows:

 Dylan "Bosco" Bosco

 Adam "Adam" Ameiche

 Dale "MahMan" Pak

 Alex "Skys" Magor

 Benjamin "Benji" Butler