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Krazy Joins Noble eSports

Noble eSports earlier announced the signing of their new player Giuliano “Krazy” Solon for their Rainbow Six roster via Twitter.

Krazy Joins Noble eSports

Earlier yesterday, Noble announced the signing of “Krazy” as their new 5th player for the 8th season of Pro League. Krazy will be replacing Nathanial “Rampy” Duval who recently left the team to join Spacestation Gaming. 


Krazy played all of Season 7 with Obey Alliance (previously eRa Eternity) with whom he failed to make the playoffs after losing to SSG in the decider game. His past team history also includes Onslaught, World Best Gaming, and most recently 12 Knights (for whom he played at DreamHack Austin).   

Noble’s new roster is:

 Alexander “Yeti” Lawson

 Matias “Heavy” Arrazola

 Tomasz “Acid” Adamcyzk

 Sam “Breezy” Lassila

 Giuliano “Krazy” Solon

Image provided by the Noble roster.

Noble’s debut in Pro League will be against Mouz on Monday, June 11th at 9 pm EST. You can watch them at: .