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Mock-it Esports drop sNKy, bring on Alive

Mock-it Esports replace sNKy with Alive to reunite former teammates


In a move just now made official on Twitter, Mock-it Esports has released sNKy and brought on Alive to compete in Season 8 of Pro League. Mock-it’s manager, Gimli, was able to explain the reasoning behind the change in a bit more detail.

“We haven’t performed very well in the past few weeks and we’ve thought about what was going wrong. It’s sNKy who has been changed not for any reason of skill, but differences in strategy. This change has been made very quickly but we have had time to reflect on what we thought was the best solution.”

sNKy has had a long but somewhat turbulent career with Rainbow 6 competition. He may very well be best known as a teammate of Shaiiko, who was caught cheating and got their team BeGenius disqualified from Season 5 of Pro League. After his stint with BeGenius he played with Vires esports in an attempt to qualify for Season 7 Challenger League, and was then picked up by Mock-it for Gamers Assembly 2018. At this time, there is no word on if sNKy has been picked up by another roster.

His new replacement, Alive, is no stranger to some members of this Mock-it team. After switching from CS:GO, Alive teamed up for a short time with Revan and Voy, and is excited to get back to competing with them.

“I am happy that they proposed I join them, I will play with two former teammates again for this upcoming season. I hope we will succeed as much as possible and I also wish good luck to my former teammates at Supremacy.”

Alive played with dizLown Esports for the end of 2017 and the squad was then picked up by BeGenius for the BCUP 2 minor, where they would place 3rd-4th. The next day after that tournament the squad was picked up by Supremacy. They would go on to finish 2nd in Season 7 of Challenger League, and then defeat ENCE to earn their spot in Pro League.

Mock-it is looking to turn around their performance from an early exit at DreamHack Austin and hopes to use this team chemistry to make a name for themselves in Season 8 of Pro League.

The current line-up is as follows:

Written by EZBAKE