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TWOrnament Cup Announcement, Famous Streamers Included

The competition, which will involve a number of well known streamers and YouTubers such as AnthonyPit1, Dyrus and TheRussianBadger, will take place later today.

The tournament set up by the YouTuber “twomad” will see a number of well-known Siege content creators playoff today at 4pm CST. While the full team lists have yet to be confirmed, announced participants include ex-pros such as KingGeorge, who won the 2017 Six Invitational with Continuum, and current players such a Bryan from Rogue, who most recently finished as the top team in NA during Season 7 of the Pro League.

Bryan at the Year 2 Six Invitational

Alongside the players, top quality casters have been brought in in the form of Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley and Parker “Interrobang” Mackay, the duo which regularly casts Pro League with KiXSTAr himself also being a Siege ex-pro.


The competition should, therefore, be a high-quality affair with all those involved being well-known members of the Siege community so we asked the tournament’s organiser twomad about how the tournament came to be:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to put together the tournament?

I'm a young Canadian who started a youtube channel called twomad, eventually I started making Rainbow Six videos and made friends with a bunch content creators. 

Basically, I woke up one day and thought that it'd be fun to make a tournament with some people I knew. It ended up being a lot bigger than I expected.

The competition will be casted by the Pro League talent of KiXSTAr and Interrobang, how exactly did these two join in the tournament?

Interrobang asked if I had a caster, got in contact with him and he had his good friend KiXSTAr who was willing to cast as well. It took some time to find a date that would work with their busy schedule.

And finally, are any future TWOrnament's being planned or is it just this one for now?

In the future, I can see myself making more TWOrnaments. It seems like something I would enjoy running again & again especially if it's successful. I doubt it'd be limited to just Rainbow Six as well.

You can catch any updates concerning the tournament on twomad's Twitter account with the tournament itself being streamed on twomad’s Twitch account, with many other players streaming their own point of view on their own accounts when it kicks off at 4PM CST (11PM CET).