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Introducing... the Unofficial Siege World Championship!

Modeled after a title belt system, the USWC tracks the unofficial world champions through the history of competitive Rainbow Six: Siege.

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What’s more fun than calculating hypotheticals, am I right? And what better hypothetical to calculate than that of the Unofficial Siege World Championship (USWC)?

Modeled after the Unofficial Football World Championship, and using a knock-out title system similar to that used in boxing and professional wrestling, we here at SiegeGG decided it would be fun to calculate the path of the USWC holder throughout the history of competitive Rainbow Six: Siege.

In North America, this system is often referred to as a 'title belt', because it mimics how a fighting championship works. There, the winner keeps the belt until he loses, and then the person who beat him gets it.

A bit confused? No worries, let’s lay out some rules about how the USWC is calculated.


  • The first team to win a competitive Rainbow Six: Siege match at a Pro League, Challenger League, or equivalent level was declared first ever Unofficial Siege World Champions. This was gBots, who defeated GiFu 2-0 (5-3 5-3), in Season 1 of the EU Pro League in the third-ever Pro League match, with the first two having been 1–1 draws.
  • By virtue of starting their Pro League first, EU won the inaugural Rainbow Six: Siege Unofficial Siege World Championship match.
  • The next Pro League, Challenger League, or equivalent match involving the title holder is considered a title match, with the winners taking the title.
    • In the event of a title match being a draw, the current holders of the title remain champions.
  • Title matches are contested under period-relevant ESL rules.

Clear? Great. Before we get into the results, though, let’s dive into how we are going to be presenting the results.


  • Only games with a result have been listed (drawn games are excluded from the list).
  • When the title changes hands, the new winner is listed on the right-hand side.
  • In the event the previous title holder keeps the title, the team is listed on the left-hand side.

With that, let’s get into the results in the infographic below! Access the full-resolution image by opening the image in a new tab, or popping over to view it over on the Stats Page.

Fun Facts:

  • There are only five scores that have ever repeated exactly the same, by round/map count and order:
    • 5-3 5-3 / 3-5 3-5, seen four times in total
    • 5-3 5-2 / 3-5 2-5, seen three times in total
    • 5-0 5-2 / 0-5 2-5, seen two times in total
    • 5-2 5-1 / 2-5 1-5, seen two times in total
    • 5-2 5-0 / 2-5 0-5, seen two times in total
  • There has never been a flawless title defense/victory (i.e. 6-0, 10-0, or 15-0) in the history of all title matches.

So, we’ve seen some incredible dominance from PENTA Sports so far -- all the way from when the Pro League began, and continuing until today. While the two eras only share Pengu as a common player, they also seem to share the dominant mentality that has seen PENTA win four out of 9 official titles. Incredibly, despite the team’s dominant Year 2, their longest run came in the first two seasons of Year 1.

This season will mark the first time the LATAM region will start its regional dominance of the title -- all the way until the then-title holding team features at an international LAN event. This could, unfortunately for other regions, only happen all the way in Paris.

We hope you enjoyed our pre-Season 8 tracking of the USWC, and we will be back with another update right before Season 9 begins!