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SK Gaming Welcomes EvLWaffle

Earlier today, Mint confirmed the acquisition of Jeffrey “EvLWaffle” Haworth to the SK roster.

A few minutes ago it was finally made official that EvLWaffle will be joining SK Gaming’s roster for Season 8 of Pro League. This doesn’t come as a surprise after rumors had been floating around regarding the reason why Waffle had left beastcoast right before DreamHack Austin.


Waffle played on beastcoast in the Challenger League last season, and helped his team earn promotion by beating Counter Logic Gaming 2-1 to get their spot in the Pro League for Season 8.

On the other hand, SK Gaming got all the way to the playoffs by beating mousesports twice last season. In the playoffs, however, they ended up losing 2-0 against Evil Geniuses, which ended their season.  Prior to DreamHack Austin, the departure of Adam was announced, opening a fifth spot on the roster, which Waffle has now filled.

It is unusual for a player to announce a roster change before the organization they represent, however, which may hint at possible difficulties with the org. If the players do leave SK Gaming in the near future, it is possible that we could be seeing Counter Logic Gaming re-enter the scene with this roster.

The SK roster is now as follows:

  Kyle “Mint” Lander

  Matthew “HotanCold” Stevens

Owen “Pojoman” Mitura

Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis

Jeffrey “EvlWaffle” Haworth

Alex “Ezley” Easley (Coach)

Written by @Alex

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