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Black Dragons Acquires ex-ReD DevilS Roster

After releasing their previous roster, the Brazilian organisation signed the newly promoted ex-ReD DevilS lineup.

After DocKy having had announced the roster’s departure from ReD DevilS on the 25th of May, Black Dragons revealed today that they would be picking up the recently promoted Pro League side.

The organisation, who recently released its previous roster, have been in the competitive scene from the very first LATAM season despite having quite a few roster changes along the way.

The team competed in Season 7 of the LATAM Challenger League under ReD DevilS. They finished group A in first place, and went on to win the playoff to secure the first seed, and their spot, in the Pro League relegation stage.

During the Pro League relegations, the roster had to face RED Canids. Despite the Pro League team’s experience, the CL side came up top in a closely contested 2-0 victory, thereby gaining promotion to the Pro League for Season 8.

The team will now be looking to go far in the Pro League after their exuberant promotion, with a definite confidence boost from being backed by one of the best Brazilian Rainbow Six organisations.

The new Black Dragons roster is:






You can watch the offical annoucement here.