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Dev Blog: Release Of The SiegeGG API And A Applications Form

We are finally ready to publish our API and present you with a new applications form!

The SiegeGG API is currently only available to our partners. Contact Us.

Hey folks!

I’m Kev, SiegeGG’s Head Developer.

The last week we have been primarily working on fixing some issues in order for our betting system to be ready for the eighth Season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. After ESL had announced the delay of Season 8—you can find our article about that topic here—we decided to work on other priorities.

One priority, which really bothered me being not finished, is our API. We actually wanted to publish it with our SiegeGG 2.0 Release but we decided to put it on the list and do it later as there was no direct need for an API. Since then we were asked, especially from Developers, if we offered solutions like an API. Since today, we can finally come back to them and give them access to our SiegeGG API. You can find detailed information about it at the end of the blog post.

I’m taking this opportunity to introduce our new applications form which you can find under We did not plan to create the new application form but we figured that having all applications on our site instead of Google’s Forms will improve our responsiveness regarding all applications. All applications are currently open and we are happy to find more motivated people. <3

Anything beyond this point in the article will be related to the developer perspective of the API.

The SiegeGG API requires authentication through an application key. Such a key can look like this: Kev_7e9e6d660c25daff3d4a3f2e512d132e95e158b5. It consist of your SiegeGG username, an underscore and a 40 byte long string. You can obtain an API key by applying for an API Application at the API page. In order to do this, you need a SiegeGG account you can create here.

If your API has been reviewed and approved by our back-end development team, namely me, you can access it on /api/v1. You are required to set the x-app-key HTTP header to gain access to all endpoints. Here are all endpoints (June 10th 2018):

GET / Overview of all endpoints.

GET /app Overview of the current API application.

POST /app Update the version of the API (post version=1.0).

GET /news Overview of the latest English news.

GET /news/:id Get information about a single news article.

GET /news/:language Overview of latest news for a specific language code.

GET /matches Overview of (currently only) upcoming matches without stats.

You can find a npm package for Node.js here. Quick Install: npm i siegegg-api --save

Thank you for your attention! ^-^