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Shuttle and Rampy join Spacestation Gaming

A few moments ago Spacestation gaming announced the additions of Aaron “Shuttle” Dogger and Nathanial “Rampy” Duval to their Rainbow Six roster.

Spacestation has just announced their 2 new players coming into Season 8 of Pro League. After Trippen announced that he was moved to the bench and Daave announcing his departure from the team it was just about time before they announced the players they need to complete their roster before their first presentation in Pro League vs Beastcoast on Monday June 11th.  


Shuttle is an experienced player who started his career in Xbox and since he moved to PC has played Pro League with the former Counter Logic Gaming roster (Who has as of now disbanded). When they were Elevate during Season 5 they got all the way to the LAN Finals but would end up losing vs PENTA. But most recently CLG didn’t have the best results and during this past Season 7 they would end up getting relegated. Shuttle played as a stand-in for Geoo during the Season 7 LAN Finals.


Rampy comes from Noble with whom he earned promotion from Challenger League after placing 1st and defeating Motiv8 in the Relegations match 2-1. Rampy also played with Noble during DreamHack Austin in which they lost vs Rogue in the Quarter Finals. 


Rampy will have to sit out until August as there was some issues with ESL regarding a transfer deadline extension for teams playing at DreamHack Austin. So another player will have to fill in for him until after the Paris Major. This is all explained in more detail here:




This is the new SSG roster: 

 Taylor “Redeemer” Mayeur

 Braden “Chala” Davenport

 Javier DeAndre “Thinkingnade” Escamilla

 Aaron “Shuttle” Dogger

 Nathanial “Rampy” Duval

 Justin “Lycan” Woods (Coach)