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The Road to Pro League: Beastcoast

“They took a risk on picking me up and I took a risk joining them, but it all paid off.”

Coming from Challenger League as the #2 team and beating CLG in Relegations earning them a spot in Pro League’s 8th season. We sat down with FoxA to see how they feel going into their Pro League debut.

What was your reaction when you got the PL slot?

Happy, relieved that we could make it. That I could make it back into PL with this squad. They took a risk on picking me up and I took a risk joining them, but it all paid off.

How did you and your team celebrate after beating CLG?

I think we were expecting to do well but it was still satisfying, not specifically beating them but qualifying to PL. We worked for it, took a chance on making a roster change to get retro a week before hand but it worked out.

Speaking of Retro, how are Retro and Laxing fitting into the team?

Lax has the experience to fit and do amazing everywhere, but with us I think he also enjoys the way we play which makes us even stronger. He played amazing as well as Retro who got the opening kills we needed, I don't know how he does it but he's always in the right place at the right time and gets the clutch kills we need. So proud of them with being put on a new team and gelling with us so quickly big props to them.

Well obviously you’re feeling confident and content with the new roster, how do you feel going into Pro League with them?

I feel very confident going into this season, we played very well at DH Austin and I think we surprised a lot of people but to us we played how we thought we would. So will be going into PL with our heads high.

How well do you expect to perform in pro league this season?

Nobody knows how well anybody will perform because the new season is coming upon us, but I think with our team being able to flex roles and positions will do well in the upcoming meta.

Ah as you mention the upcoming meta, what is your opinion on the new game format going into Season 8 and How is your team adapting to it?

I believe teams who follow a script will crumble and those who are fluid on every map and can adapt on the go with multiple voices being able to trust calls will thrive.
Our team with the addition of Lax now have all 5 members confident on making calls and making plays, so I believe will be fine with the adaptation!

What do you think of Villa and its addition to the Pro League map pool?

Excited to play it, new map new area for strats, always good. Just like the new club

So taking the new meta, format and maps  Which team do you think is going to win the overall title this season?

Oh trying to trap me in making a prediction, I’m gonna take a page from Interro and not make a prediction. Every team has a shot, its siege anything can happen.

Good answer, so which team are you most excited to play in the next season of Pro League?

All of them every team I'm excited to play against and see play

So a personal one, what is your history in esports before Rainbow Six Siege?

I used to play cs:go competitively, highest I got was main with team vault but Rainbow came out I jumped on that and everything worked out from there.

I did not know you played CS:GO. How many members of the team are playing Siege full-time at this point?

All of us I believe, it's our career and we all see it that way, and ya I have around 4k hours in csgo and getting around there with r6.

So last question from me , What do you see as the future for Rainbow Six Siege esports??

For the game itself its growing every day, every event, its getting bigger and better without stopping. I see it growing to be another csgo or dota, I mean I can only hope. It grows we grow with it, as for me in the scene I practice every day to be the best and help my team be the best just like every other pro. So will see what happens.

You can catch Beastcoasts first game against Spacestation Gaming on Monday 11th on

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