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BeNeLux League Season 1 – Week 6 News

News roundup from the BeNeLux League week 6.

BeNeLux League Season 1 – Week 6 News

Last week we had stated that Auxilium’s future looks uncertain, this week we can report the team have officially disbanded and therefore exited the Benelux league. This came when Anthoox and HzDef left to join Initio gaming.

Michael “kixstar” Stockley has now also been confirmed to cast alongside Z1ronic at the LAN finals. Kix and Z1ronic casted the last LAN finals together also. The pair reunites at the ESL BeNeLux office which is located in Haarlem, Netherlands on the 30th June.

There are now 3 teams who have qualified for LAN. They are Flash Point, Big Guns and Trust Gaming. The final spot will be determined on week 7. Team Demise needs to secure a win over Big Guns next week in order to secure their LAN spot otherwise the spot will go to Intio gaming. All eyes will be on this game to know who the 4th contender will be. Make sure you tune into the final online week of the BeNeLux League Season 1 at 19:00 CEST on the UbisoftNL twitch which can be found here.

written by Dashie