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Panthers Gaming vs WhiteTigerZ | Six Lounge Series | Post-Match Roundup

Catch up on what happened in the SLS game between Panthers Gaming and WhiteTigerZ.

Panthers Gaming: MrMiyagi, AceeZ, DavE, Reaper and Lone

WhiteTigerZ: FluchTw4GeN, POOKIMIKIOS, ASTROOO, cCcaaNaVaR and Piiine.


Map Picks:

Panthers Gaming: Consulate

WhiteTigerZ: Oregon


Banned Operators:

Consulate: Blackbeard, Lion, Vigil and Pulse

OregonLion, Ying, Valkyrie and Pulse


On the first map, WhiteTigerZ started with a defense of the Lobby and Press Room bomb site. MrMiyagi started the game off strong for Panthers with a 3k, and did not let up throughout the map. Panthers Gaming took the second round as well, this time with 2 kills from MrMiyagi and Reaper, and a kill by Lone.

WhiteTigerZ began showing some signs of life on the third round, but despite successfully wasting a significant amount of time they weren't able to prevent the plant from Panther. However, good gun play saw them retake effectively to get their first round on the board.

Accez from Panthers Gaming started the fourth round with an opening frag, and was able to pick apart the site setup from WhiteTigerZ, but a flank from POOKIMIKOS stopped the plant after a swift 2k. Panthers managed to get a plant off nonetheless, and returned to their inexorable march towards 6 round wins.

At 4-1, as is with the new format, the attackers and defenders swapped roles for the first time. However, Panthers were ready and continued their momentum, closing out the map with a 6-1 victory.

The second map was Oregon, picked by WhiteTigerZ. However, Panthers Gaming were not in the mood to concede anything to WhiteTigerZ, and demonstrated the gulf in skill by cleanly sweeping past their opponents with a 6-0 victory.

Panthers thus finished the game with an easy 2-0, having only dropped one round overall.

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