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The Road to Pro League: ex-Red DevilS

We spoke with the newly promoted Pro League team of Red DevilS about what we should expect from them and how they are preparing for the new season

The Road to Pro League: ex-Red DevilS

Red DevilS' roster consisting of rdz, DocKy, DRUNKZ, LEV1 and slasH- recently joined Pro League after defeating RED Canids in the LATAM Pro League relegations. Since the victory, we spoke to DocKy about the squad's future in Pro League.


How was your reaction like when you got the PL slot?

The sensation was [as if] we took a huge weight off our back. We've been so dedicated to arriving in the Pro League, everyone had sacrificed something. I focused 100% on the game, DRUNKZ took a break from college, etc. Everybody was so focused on achieving promotion, so it's an amazing feeling, and everybody got really emotional since we were having a lot of troubles since the season's beginning.

How well do you expect to perform in S8 of the Pro League?


Look, we reached the top, it was hard as I said and we will enter every match with the mentality of winning. Spectators will see that we will give our maximum effort, with the intention of winning by any cost, and we will face every game as a final. We expect good results, we know that we have the potential, and we have the chance to not only stay in the Pro League, but also to get a spot as one of the top 4 teams.

Which teams are you more excited to play against?


We aren't excited to face any specific team, but, without any doubts, I guess that one of the hardest challenges will be the current world champions Team Liquid.

What is your opinion about the new S8 PL format?


I believe that the new format is fairer for all teams, I agree with some things, but also disagree with others, but I'd say that it is pretty balanced. One of the aspects that I don't like is that a team can win a match by winning only 6 rounds.

How could your experience in Challenger League help you guys in Pro League?


Man, I believe that our dedication in CL is the most valued thing. We can't rest now, we have to continue with the same focus and increase our dedication!

How is your team studying the new map (Villa)?


We have trained a few times in it in the TTS. We got the map's feeling and all teams liked it, although it is a big map.

You have already announced that the roster left the org Red DevilS, how is the negotiation with the new org? Should we see the announcement in the next weeks?


It was a huge honour to represent Red DevilS, the CEOs Fabrizio and Patrick gave the best support available for a Challenger League team, and they were always ready to help. It was a really good experience and as I have said in the official announcement, I'll keep this chapter of my career forever in my heart, I've learned a lot. Talking about the new org, everything is already set and the official announcement should be soon, but without a specific date.

DocKy wanted to send a message for the fans:


I hope to be able to count on the support from everyone that has been following us during this journey, because it was amazing and motivated us a lot. I'd also want to thank for every support message that each one of us received when we qualified. We'll give our best to accomplish our goals and play good matches. Thanks everyone!