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SiegeGG Introduces (Virtual) Esports Betting

Claim your 400 free betting coins now!

Hey folks!

My name’s Kev and I’m the Head Developer for SiegeGG.

It was some time in the oven and is now finally ready to be deployed. I’m not talking about my last year’s Thanksgiving turkey—I’m talking about the SiegeGG esports betting. This is our second revision to the betting system, so to speak. As we have launched, we presented a simple x2 betting system giving some folks the opportunity to win millions of coins. That was obviously not our intention as it takes the fun away rather quickly. The first revision of the system turned out to still have major flaws but was usable. Only some weeks after that, name Friday, April 13th, we have lost all data and, obviously, had to recreate the betting system again—but this time we wanted to set quality over quantity.

What would be better than involving Splek, our Head of Stats and Analysis department and co-owner of SiegeGG, also known as the biggest number dealer in R6, with creating the betting algorithm. He did an awesome job with that. Here’s a <3 for you.

By enabling betting we will allow you to sign up to the SiegeGG site which will give us much more opportunities to personalize SiegeGG for you. We hope on many more things to come. However, the SiegeGG API does not work yet. We have worked on the infrastructure and the general system but it is not ready and stable enough for release.

Well, how can you bet? We have opened betting for all BeNeLux matches (June 6th). Just go to the respective matches page and you will be able to enter a bet. If you sign up now you will receive 200 and an additional 200 betting coins (because we <3 you) which are fully virtual and have no real equivalent

Have fun betting!