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Esports giants Immortals pick up BRK roster

The well-established esports giant Immortals enters Rainbow Six with the signing of the LATAM roster.

Immortals are one of the biggest names in esports and have today acquired the roster of BRK.

On May 31st, Novys had announced on Twitter that the roster had parted ways with their previous org. This came after disagreements with the org last April.

One of these disagreements was brought into the public when the org dropped D1OGO1 from the roster. Apparently, he had been dropped due to voicing the team's concerns over things such as their gaming house. The decision to drop D1OGO1 was not received well within the community, and after social media backlash, the org brought him back for the remainder of the season.

The roster will be hoping to improve on its placement last season after finishing in joint 5th place.

The newfound presence of Immortals marks yet another major org entering the LATAM region. New organisations entering the scene are often looking to this region for a number of reasons.

With it being one of the newer regions (only formally joining in Year 2), a lot of the teams will not be under long contracts. Organisations can often find a roster that can be obtained easily. Not only that, LATAM players as a whole often have huge fan bases already built up, which only goes to prove that the LATAM fan base is massive and passionate about Siege as an esport. Furthermore, highly promoted local leagues like BR6 ensures the teams competing get more screen time than other regions.

All of this is appealing for an org from a business perspective. The fact the fans are passionate and more screen time than other regions really appeals to them. This has been proven with the likes of FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and YeaH Gaming having previously picked up teams in the LATAM scene, with NiP (Ninjas in Pajamas) also rumoured to enter.

Immortals as an organization were established in October 2015 in the United States. The org has teams in League of Legends, Overwatch (under the name Los Angeles Valiant), Dota 2, Smash Bros, Vainglory, Arena of Valor and previously CS:GO. The org is also a Co-Owner of the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies as well as the band Linkin Park.

Immortals bring some big sponsors with them, such as Microsoft, Razer, Mountain Dew and the shoe brand K-Swiss.

It is an exciting time for LATAM fans, and also for Siege as it grows fuether and further in the esports arena.

Immortals roster:
Yuuk (coach)